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Get your own Zombie Horde!!

Box of Zombies

Box of Zombies

How many times have you wished for your own horde of zombies ?

Now you can have your very own for the very affordable price of $17.95

It’s cheaper and easier than raising your own local cemetery, and you have the added bonus of not worrying about them eating your neighbors.

A Haiku for You Know Who

A bulge in my pants.

Your name is all over it,

and you know it too.


A dirty little girl,

You think this poem is about you,

but it can not be.


You are just a girl

who likes that I look at you

and thinks “I’d do her”




It’s a bloody brilliant superhero based sitcom based around a group of four friends, who are all incompetent superheroes, and the superheroes only pub they hang out in.

TimeBomb –is a recovering drug addict, sex addict, alcoholic, homosexual, semi-retired superhero renown for his dark disposition and torture techniques. To be honest, he’s almost a villain.

The Hotness– bumbling superhero that learns that literally fighting fire with fire isn’t that great of an idea. He’s trying to make it big int he super’s world, but life on’t cut him a break. Butt end of EVERY fire based joke you can think of.

SHE-FORCE–  The third strongest person in the world, is basically a geek with a heart of gold who wants to fall in love, but finds thather powers tend to get int he way of her happily ever after.

ELECTROCLASH –the attractive, bitter, former love interest of the Hotness, former crime fighting partner of SHE-FORCE, and daughter of the most prestigious superhero couple of all time, she spends most of the time using her techno-path powers to piss off her parents and get free cigarettes.

It’s broadcast on ITV2 so it’s unceratain whether it will ever air on BBC AMERICA. There’s too much adult language and adult content for US Prime time for them to air it without bleeping or editing it. Fortunately it’s available on torrent sites, such as MiniNova.Org





Article here on Wired


Shaved head is sexy.

Looking and smiling at me,

with come fuck me eyes.

I think I look good with hair, but I always seem to attract alot of positive attention every time I shave my head. I wasn’t at work an hour today before  I caught at least one man and one women checking me out and giving me that dirty little “you look good enough to eat”  wink and smile.


Knight’s tale inspired Haiku

How would you beat him ?

With a stick, while he’s sleeping.

He’s unstoppable.


Sorry, no poetry this post. You’ll just have to be entertained by my ramblings of my latest epiphany.

Okay, so if your reading this, you probably know me. If you don’t know me and your reading this, you’ve evidently been drawn here by the sheer power of my awesomsauce.

   The thing is, for some some misguided reasons I was trying to tone done the volume of my greatness. I incorrectly thought it would make life easier for myelf  and others. Independant research has concluded that that hypothesis was incorrect.

Through various conversations with my peers I discovered the same trend. No matter how helpfull, thoughtfull, giving I was, or how humble I attempted to be everyone told me basically the two same things.

1.) Everyone invovled in this study had put me on a pedestal on sort or another. Whether it was fear, reverance, love, or an aknowledgement of superiority in some fashion, there was an overwhelming sense of some redeemable aspect to me that kept bringing them back.

2.) Everyone involved also commented that I was arrogant and at times full of myself.

Now I ask you, how can I not be full of ,confidence in, myself when everyone tells me how great I am ? ; )

Strangely enough, that’s not what my epiphany was. No matter how much I thought I was toning “it” down, the real me was evidently shining through.

The epiphany was that it didn’t matter that the survey says I was arrogant, they accepted it as part of what made me, me, and evidently I’m wicked awesome ; ) (which I already knew) I think I was mostly just suprised that everyone thought I was arrogant.

The gloves are off, my pants have hit the floor, insert some other random cliche, it’s time to bust out the amp that goes to 11, and kick it up a notch.

Humble sucks, and evidently the only person I was fooling was myself.

n0 h41kU 4 u

No Haiku for you.

I said no Haiku for you.

No Haiku for you.