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SciFi Chicks in Form Fitting Attire Ready to Rumble

Another great concept for production in plastic over at WarGames Factory is

SciFi Chicks in Form Fitting Attire Ready to Rumble

Scale: 28mm
Description: multipart leatherclad sexy babes in formfitting leather/vinyl, armed and dangerous. You’ve seen then fighting programs, werewolves, government agents, etc.. Now you can add them to your personal collection of femme fattales

The propsed contents would include

  •  1 Tank Top Torso 1 Trench Coat Torso
  •  1 Short Coat Torso, exposed midrift
  •  1 Longsleave Torso Pair of Martial Arts arms
  •  Pair of Katana wielding arms
  •  Pair of Dual Pistol wielding arms
  •  Pair of Rifle Weilding arms
  •  Pair of Arms wielding melee and pistol
  •  Spare Pistols/Uzis with hands attached
  •  8 Heads
  • 4 pairs of legs with pants and boots (at least 1 of which with holsters/straps like the tombraider and baroness pics)
  • The contents of the above spru wouldbe able to create bad ass babes in outfits like these.

    This sprue is not currently yet up for pre-order, but the discussion about it begins here:

    Once 1000 pre-orders have been made this sprue will go into production. Pre-orders cost you nothing, and the final price per sprue will be between $4-5

    Near Future 28mm Weapon Sprue at WGF

    This is the proposed setup for the Near Future Weapons Sprue that is currently up for pre-order.

    The final cost per sprue is usually somewhere between $4-5 each.

    Pre-ordering costs you nothing !!! So if your remotely interested in picking up these bad boys go over to Wargames Factory and pre-order some of these bad boys. Production will go into effects once 1000 sprues ahve been pre-orderd.

    The full discussion about the sprue and it’s contents is located here: