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DataCard Experiment247EXPERIMENT 247 was created by a secret government think tank, after the Invasion, as a weopon against future alien incursion. 247 was created by marrying the reanimated remains of an massive alien warrior with an experimental Artificial Intellegence package.

      247 possess’ almost unmatchable strength, feels no pain, and self repairs at an alarming rate. It’s combat algorithms make it formidable opponent, despite it’s ponderous pace and massive physique.
     An unexpected side effect is that 247 does not feel pain in any meaningfull sense, and does not even attempt to dodge or parry. The combat computer is convinced in 247’s ability to survive any attack. So far, it hasn’t been proven wrong….
EXPERIMENT247 is a charecter excerpt from my new SuperSystem fansite, BATTLES ON 4COLOR EARTH

American Justice Society

American Justice Society Ready for Action !!

American Justice Society Ready for Action !!

Dusted off some of my Superfigs for some Super Heroic combats on Four Color Earth.

If you’ve never tried the SUPERSYSTEM it’s a great game engine with point based chareter generation allowing you to recreate all of your favorite heroes.

If your looking for a game to use these fine figs, look no further than SUPERFIGS.

It’s a fun fast paced game where you batle with amoungst your friends with small teams of superheroes and Supervillains. There is a huge line of awesome heroicly scaled figures and you can use them with pregenerated stats or make your own supers stats from scratch with the point build system.

I playtested the 1st edition of the game and used to actively promote it as a SuperFigs Sidekick.
You can find additional information on SUPERFIGS on YahooGroups

Anita Blake Live Action TV Series by Lionsgate and IFC in 2010

That’s right true believers, all your Vampire/Shapeshiter/Zombie Queen loving dreams are about to come true on the boob tube. in the summer 0f 2010.

As of March 31st, 2009 IFC tv announced today it has greenlit its first original event telefilm, “Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter,” based on Hamilton’s series of bestselling paranormal fantasy novels and produced by Lionsgate and After Dark Films. Adapted by Glen Morgan (“XFiles,” “Final Destination”), who also serves as executive producer, the movie begins production this summer.

The full skinny can be found on Laurell’s site

IFC and Hamilton are both proud of pushing boundries and this seems like an ideal project to do just that.

Just prepare yourself for the uneding bellyaching of the fans once casting is announced and then later on when they realise that this is an original product and not just a direct translation of the 17 strong novels.