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FAT DRAGON GAMES releases E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 1

E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 1

Expansion Set 1 brings a new level of excitement to your dungeon layouts… literally! This new set provides elevated floor sections to create exciting multi-level combats and dungeon designs. This set includes:

• 1″ elevated modular floor sections in 1×1″, 1×2″, 1×3″, 1×4″, 1×6″, 2×2″, 2×3″, 2×4″, 2×6″ sizes
• 2″ wide stair section
• Wall section with barred grate
• New sludge floor tile
• 4″ wide ‘L’ corner in new 3″ wall height
• All new 3″ tall wall sections in 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″ lengths
• 1″ door riser model for use with new 3″ tall walls

All for the Nice Price of $2.99.  Remember this is an add on to the EZ Dungeons line so you’ll probably get more milieage out of this expansion if you have the original set.

I’m a big fan of Fat Dragon Games and thier lines of printable cardstock terrain. The products are great and the Fat Dragon Team actually listens to their customers.

There have been hints that the EZ Heroes line will also be expanded later this year, with not only new options for modern terrain but early 1900’s era pulp setting options as well. 


City Of Heroes Magic Booster Emotes

The command is /cc_e or /cc_emote (‘costume change emote’)

The full syntax is:
/cc_e [costumeSlotSlot#] [emoteName]

There are a couple of important notes. One, the costume slot numbers start with 0. So your first costume slot is 0, your 2nd is 1, 3rd is 2, etc. Two, you need to use the actual emote name, not the display name that you see in the costume select screen’s rollout. For the magic pack, these are:

CCPrestoChango – “Presto Chango”

CCLightning – “Lightning”

CCSpin – “Spin”

CCCast – “Cast”

/cc_e 1 cclightning
Will switch you to your 2nd costume slot, using the “Lightning” costume change emote.

As part of a macro or bind:
/local ABRACADABRA!$$cc_e 1 ccPrestoChango

Other than that, the normal rules for costume changes apply. You can only switch costumes once every 30  seconds.  If you try to use a costume change emote sooner or try to switch to the costume slot you’re already in, it won’t work.

There are also these new emotes to play with

/em jugglemagic

/em jugglefire

 /em juggleelectricity

/em juggleballs

 /em cardtrick