City Of Heroes Magic Booster Emotes

The command is /cc_e or /cc_emote (‘costume change emote’)

The full syntax is:
/cc_e [costumeSlotSlot#] [emoteName]

There are a couple of important notes. One, the costume slot numbers start with 0. So your first costume slot is 0, your 2nd is 1, 3rd is 2, etc. Two, you need to use the actual emote name, not the display name that you see in the costume select screen’s rollout. For the magic pack, these are:

CCPrestoChango – “Presto Chango”

CCLightning – “Lightning”

CCSpin – “Spin”

CCCast – “Cast”

/cc_e 1 cclightning
Will switch you to your 2nd costume slot, using the “Lightning” costume change emote.

As part of a macro or bind:
/local ABRACADABRA!$$cc_e 1 ccPrestoChango

Other than that, the normal rules for costume changes apply. You can only switch costumes once every 30  seconds.  If you try to use a costume change emote sooner or try to switch to the costume slot you’re already in, it won’t work.

There are also these new emotes to play with

/em jugglemagic

/em jugglefire

 /em juggleelectricity

/em juggleballs

 /em cardtrick

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