FDG RIO DRACO: Printable Western Terrain for Miniatures Gaming

Our friends over at Fat Dragon Games have recently released RIO DRACO, a base set of printable 3D terrain for Western tabletop gaming.

The set retails for $11.99 and includes the following:

 American west style ground tiles including multiple detail options.
 Stream and pond tiles
 Bonus 2D tiles for building layouts
 Sheriff’s office
 Dry Goods/General Store
 Hardware Store/ Trading Post
 Gun Shop
 Covered Wagon
 Hitching posts
 Water Trough
 Building texture options that YOU customize
 Full color beginners guide

Each buiding is in PDF format and through the use of layers gives you mulitple options for the builiding fronts. Bare wood, freshly painted, and weathered painting options for each building.

The buildings are suitable for 25-30mm gaming, as are pretty much everything FDG makes.

Tom, over at FDG, has said that this is a base, or core, set for the Western setting and that FDG plans on releasing additional Western Sets of Western Theme models in the future, though no definite dates were given, he did mention that work on them has already begun.

If your itching for some gun fight action and don’t have a favorite Western Tabletop Skirmish game then let me recommend  Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory, by Two Hour Wargames.


Both Rio Draco and Six Gun Sound are great products for someone looking for something a little different on their gaming table.

Buy yourself a bag of Cowboys and Indians and you’ve completed the trifecta.

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