Two Hour Wargames has given us a Halloween Treat !

DOG SOILDERS is a FREE supplement to CHAIN REACTION 3.0.  It’s based on the 2002 horror film of the same name. 

British Special Ops forces verses Werewolves.

This is released only a week after Ed mentioned the upcoming ALL THINGS HORROR. A supplement for both ATZ and NUTS fearturing supernatural forces, other than zombies.

My guess is this is a preview of what we can expect to come.

Werewolves lack ranged attacks, but have a basic move of 12″ , add 2d6 in melee, and fast move 2X on pass 1d6,  to make up for it.

DarkMook of OneMonk Miniatures is currently working on Werewolf paper miniatures, originally scheduled for Halloween release, but are now delayed.

WarGames Factory has multipart plastic Werewolves in the Libery and Union League pre-order section.

    • Fl0ydski
    • November 12th, 2009

    There is a booster pack for the game called Heroscape that has a set of Werewolves that are really usefull for scenarios like this. And they sell for (usually) under $25USD. I think you get 3 or 4 per pack.

    They also sell a pack of 6 plastic Zombies.

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