Would you like to take Carolee home and play with her ?

Okay, so maybe that was a rhetorical question, and maybe it’s about as likely as you getting bit by a radioactive spider and developing super powers, but…

Saturday, Nov 6th Carolee will be at Millenium Con from 1 to 3pm, to sign atographs, take pictures, and try to avoid being droolled on.

I know, I know. I said there was a way to take her home and play with her, and I didn’t mean anything illegal or immoral either…

Ed, from THW, has said that there will both 15mm and 28mm versions of Carolee the Zombie Hunter figures coming out !!!

There was no comment on the sculptor, or manufacturer, but I’d wager on http://www.rebelminis.com/. Rebel minis are big fanbois of ATZ and already produce 15mm and 28mm models.

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