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Dave Graffam’s Scifi Military Bunker is completed

A few weeks back I showed some previews of Dave’s work in progress scifi bunker. We’ll it’s Thanksgiving Day here states side and Dave has provided us with something cool to build over the weekend.

30mm Bunker Deluxe Kit
Price: $6.95

The Bunker Deluxe Kit is a downloadable PDF papercraft model perfectly suited for 28mm-30mm science fiction wargames, roleplaying games, dioramas, class projects or just for fun. Construction is easy, combining simple forms that require no special skill or papercrafting experience.

MULTI-LAYERED AND SINGLE-LAYERED FILES: This kit includes a full set of multi-layered files, offering 3 color schemes (gray metal, desert brown, jungle green) for each of its components. Each part can be customized by adjusting the layers, so that you can hide or reveal battle damage, weathering, external equipment or other items. Also included is a set of single-layered files for your convenience, with a limited selection of components and color options. Whether you choose multi-layered or single-layered files to print from, you’ll be able to design a variety of bunkers, each with a unique appearance.

DIMENSIONS: The bunker has a footprint of 7″ x 9″, and stands approximately 4.2″ tall at the highest point.

CONTENTS: A ground tile, large support pillars, triangular support columns, long and short walls for the ground level, a staircase, a variety of crates and chests, upper level pieces that can be lifted off to access your soldiers within, long and short walls for the upper level, doors and window shutters that can open and close, and more. Full instructions are provided, as well as a sample layout plan for creating a larger bunker complex.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: To build one bunker, you’ll need 13 pages of cardstock to print on, a sharp hobby knife, paper glue and a cutting mat. It’s recommended that you also use scissors, a cork-backed aluminum ruler and fine-line ink markers to fill in the paper edges. To make full use of this model, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or a later version.



All Things Horror: Origins – A quick Review

I got my hands on ATH last night and couldn’t wait to read through it.


ATH:O uses the same Chain Reaction 3 core game mechanics that we’ve come to love in ATZ:BDTZ and NUTS 2.0. It’s a solid and enjoyable game engine, and ATZ and NUTS players will be able to play immediately.

The Layout is noticeabley better than ATZ. Rules were grouped together better and easier to find.

The monster stats are printed on the same page as their reaction tables. This was very conventient while playing. Zombies, Wights, and Lesser Vampires are unique and detailed.


No campaign rules. The book is broken down into 3 sections. The core rules, the monsters, and the mission. The mission section details your raid of a large cargo ship in an attempt to recover a valuable painting, while trying to figure out what happened to the team they sent in before you.

It’s a good mission. It’s very well detailed, and fun to play, but it’s not a campaign. At the end of the mission it details the mission rewards, which include Fame and Fortune points. Unfortunately there is no mention of what fame or forutune points do for you.

It’s a really detailed introductory mission, but it doesn’t give you any guidance what to do with you charecters beyond that mission. On the plus side however, the system used for determining what’s on ship can easily be adapted to exploring other large scale buildings, like say a sky scraper or abandoned factory/hospital. It’s not hard to do it for yourself, but I feel that is something that should have at least been mentioned in the core rule book.

I’m guessing campaign rules will follow in book 2


The last 20 pages of the book are printable map tiles. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were attractive, or at least looked like the interior of the ship your suppossed to be exploring, but they aren’t. The tiles are basically 1″ graph paper with greyed out sections, presumabley crates, rectangles for doors, and the occasional odd arrow. They are functional, but so is drawing the rooms on scrap paper.

*I’ve since writing the review had the chance to talked to Ed about it, and he describes them as multifunctional, since they can be used in any setting since they aren’t specific.  In any case, I’ve agreed to design some more attractive tiles, and Ed has agreed to host them on the TWH stie. I’ll of course announce this blog when they go public.


It’s a good game and I’d reccomend it to anyone who enjoys the genre.

Even without campaign rules, the exporation of the ship is randomly determined and changes the experience each time you run though it.

Be sure to check back on my blog in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be working on attractive floor tiles, and paper minatures for Agents, Wights, and Lesser Vampires


 Earlier today, 2HourWargames has released it’s first book in it’s new Tabletop Horror line ALL THINGS HORROR: ORIGINS.

It walks you through charecter creation of a high payed, highly trained, monster killer, who works for a secret organization who deals with preternatural menaces.

$20 for Print & DPF combo, $15 for the PDF alone.

I’ve already ordered a copy, and I’ll share my thought on it further once I get it.




All you need to do is meet the right kinda Ghoul

     I’ve been hanging out on the OneMonk Fourms and I’ve definitely caught the Paper Minis bug. I already have a huge collection of metal and plastic minis, from more manufactureres than I can count, but I really like the concept of printing minis on demand and having attractive units of finished models with very little turn around time, so I decided to build a new army.

     When the Vampire Counts army came out for Warhammer Fantasy I was instantly drawn to them. I really loved the old undead army rules from previous editions, when mummies and vampires were all together, and lost interest in it when they sperated them into Khemri and the Vampire Bloodline Dominated army lists. My beloved Necromancers are still playing second fiddle to Vampires, but with the bloodlines just fluff now,  the beautifull new plastic model support, and competitive army list I was bespelled all over again.

     My love for the undead would remain unrequieted. I was on the rebound from an intense relationship with the Ogre Kingdoms. The Ogres were big and powerfull, and brutally sexy, at first. In the span of a month I had surrounded myself with enough Ogres for 3 armies. I got in too deep, too fast.

     I have kids these days. Assembling and painting an army is like maintaining a clingy mistress. Having to wait untill the wife and kids were in bed. Hiding the expenses from my wife. It just wasn’t worth the reward. For all the Ogres glorious brutatlity they were fatally weak against magic, and all my openents knew it. When my wife started to suspect me of foul play, I knew I would have to stop deluding myself. Orgre Kingdoms with all thier beauty, just weren’t for me…

     Some men get lost in drink, I burried myself in an even more dangerous addiction, onile gaming. Me and City of Heroes have had a thing going ever since her sexy self showed up about 5 years ago, and she’s stil my ever willing booty call. I was weak, and after a brief pause to update her files, she proved to be a willing server. She’d spruced herself up a bit since I’d last seen her and we were hot and heavy for about 3 months, untill I noticed my buddies weren’t around as much. I ran into one of them by chance and I found why.

     As good as COH had been to all of us, they had been seduced by another, and all they could say as WOW. WOW she looks hot. WOW she is soo easy to please. WOW she wants you to join us and party with her together. WOW she is really into having a group thing with you. The way they were talking her up I was sure she would leaving saying WOW as well. WOW, she put out on the first date, and every other date after that. 

    McDonalds serves more people than any other resturaunt in the world. It’s not actually better, or even good for your, just really cehap and easy. After 4 months I was begning to just go through the motions. When you have to fake enthusiam for a relationship yoou should move on.

    My booty call was just as willing as ever. Another 3 months of bliss and then I just found myself not answering her call. I let my subscription to services just run out and quietly walked away…

    The call of the undead had been tickling in my mind. A Twilight, True Blood, Blood Ties, 17 Anita Blake novels, topped of with 9 Sookie Stackhouse novels, and then every zombie movie Fear Net and a DVD collection could  provide I needed to do something hands on. By chance I heard someone mention All Things Zombie: Better Dead than Zed and I was instantly hooked. Sure it’s not making nookie with a hot undead chick, but smashing shambling dead with blunt objects has an appeal as well.

ATZ leads to collecting more miniatures and terrain…

Lousy economy means watching what I spend…

Being frugal leads to building my own terrain and converting figures…

Leads to using cardstock terrain…

Leads to Cardstock miniatures and the OneMonk forums…

Having a laser printer, some 110lb cardstock, and the right PDFs leads to the possibility of and UNDEAD ARMY OF UNHEARD OF PROPORTIONS!!!!


Mutant Hour

From the Ganesha Games Song of Blades yahoo group;

I can officially announce that Ganesha Games, Papermakeit! and OneMonkMiniatures are working on a print-and-play solo boardgame set in the mad
world of Mutants and Death Ray Guns. Papermakeit is working on the six
floorplans, OneMonk on the paper miniatures that come with the game, and
Ganesha is writing the rules.

We still have no definitive title for this baby.. we call it “Mutant Hour”
for the moment… it’s a solo scenario to be played in one hour. Your hero,
the sole survivor of a Purity Squad, has exactly 60 minutes (of real time-
yes, you play with a watch) to enter the six-level mutant hideout and kill
the mutant leader before he unleashes a mutebomb upon the city.

Rules are based on MDRG but at the same time there are enough differences to
make it its own game. It’s simpler and faster, non-stop action,
beat-the-clock first person shoot’em up boardgame.

Ideally, this will go on sale on Christmas if the Stars are Right…


Two of my favorite companies are invlolved in this project. Paper Makit is handling the maps and OneMonk is handling the miniatures. 

 OneMonk was even kind enough to show some of his early work on figures for the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that OneMonk already 6 figure sets that fall into the Mutant and Death Ray Catergory, available on RPGNOW (click logo if your intersted in checking them out)

At the time of writing this article, ALL of OneMonks figure sets are on sale for $3 each, untill he unveils his updated website.


All Things Horror – Origins

It’d been almost twelve weeks since your own personal nightmare took place.
Looking back, even now, it’s hard to believe that it really happened. When most
people come face to face with a supernatural creature, they run. They also die.
Not you. For some reason you fought back. Fought back and killed it. Why you’re
not dead who can say. I guess you could consider that your interview.

Anyway, it was only a matter of days before they approached you in the hospital
about working for the Company. Smooth talking operators, with money to burn, you
fell for their pitch. Besides, did you really think you could go back to the
nine to five grind once you found at that nightmares are real?

Eight weeks of intensive training and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be. At
least that’s what Anton said as you packed for your first mission. You boarded
the chopper thinking of all the things in your life you hadn’t done and wishing
you had. What did Mark Twain say about regrets?

 Ed over at 2HourWargames has said that ALL THINGS HORROR is slated for release next week.

    It’s a complete stand alone game, with 2 books planned. The first being the core rules and detailing 3 monster types, while the second book will be more like a beasitary and detail many monster types in a fashion suitable for Modern, Weird War, and Lovecraftian fans.

     This way it can also be of use to ATZ and NUTS players .

Cult Recruitment Drive

     One Monk Miniatures creates fine 30mm Paper miniatures suitable for table top gaming. Another thing Justin, aka One Monk does is an excpetional job of promting the hobby. On the OneMonk forums member artists practice their craft and create models, ususally based on a monthly theme, for that monts horde. The Horde is a collection of member created models that One Monk compiles and hosts on his site for free distribution.

     Justin is also fantastic in the respect that he allows people to mod his work, as long as they don’t sell it, and include it in the horde. Last month I got the paper modelling bug and I kitbashed some female cultists to complement the One Monk Evil Cultists I purchased.

This is what the evil cultists I picked up looked like

They look great. I thought they were a steal for $3.99. They are currently on sale for $3. There are countless D&D adventures where I could have used these guys.

I really liked them, but I thought it would have cool if there were more cult maidens, so I made some. A ton of cut paste, some drawing, more cut and pasting, wholesale use of the blur function and my cult maidens were born.

Zombie Related Education

This fun stuff, as well as a ton more, can be found on

FREE 30MM ZOMBIE and Survivor MODELS for ATZ

How about some free zombie miniatures to use with your All Things Zombie, World War Z, Undead States of America, Red Ops 5, etc…?

Zombie Cops are always good. has hundreds of Paper Miniatures to choose from. They even have hundreds of FREE paper minatures to choose for SciFi, Horror, and Fantasy.

More Breathers on the way – OneMonk/Darkmook Zombies

DarkMook, over at OneMonk Miniatures, has responded to requests for more breathers in his Survival Horror line of paper minaitures.

Mia and her crew of Zombie/Monster hunters are under way, and he’s given us a sneak peak of Mia.

 There are currently 4 model sets available in the Survival Horror Line.

Set 1: Last Man Standing

Set 2: Blood, Brains, and Bikers

Set 3 Prison Break

Free Horror Horde

Paper miniatures have become a viable and attractive option for tabletop gaming. They are inexpensive, easy to produce, ready in minutes, and you can make as many copies as you like.

Try out the Horror Horde for FREE!! Who doesn’t want high quality paper minatures for free ?

If your drooling over these cool models, but don’t have an excuse to try them, then check out ALL THINGS ZOMBIE: BETTER DEAD THAN DEAD. Tabletop Skirmish rules during the Zombie Apocalypse. Available in print and PDF from 2Hour Wargames.