SciFi Printable Terrain from OneMonk and Paper Make iT!

First off, Claudio over at Paper Make iT has relesed version 2.2 of Shuffler.

Shuffler lets you design, save,  and print highly detailed maps for 28mma nd 15mm gaming.

Main features coming from 2.1 version are:

 – 7″x10″ Map extension

– Load and Save capability

– Portable EXE file or swf file that can be played by a Flash player or in a browser with Flash player installed (Win, MAC, Linux)

– Print function

– Drag & Drop system

– Internal library with many already available tiles (continuously updated)

– Internal Light System for Natural and colored lights

– 16 million colors available

– 300dpi resolution Maps

– Dynamic Text

– Help Page in 7 languages

 Now, for 15mm miniatures support, Shuffler version 2.2 adds a great new feature: generated Maps can be printed in two different scales, suited for both 28mm and 15mm miniatures systems. Shuffler will automatically resize the Map in 1″x1″ squares for 28mm and 1/2″x1/2″ for 15mm miniatures.

 Moreover, as a special function, you will be able to join four different Maps and print them seamless into the same sheet, for a fantastic 14×20 squares battleground!

 As usual, Paper Make iT ! is offering this upgrade for free to previous Shuffler customers.

Now if your looking for somehting a little more 3D..

Tom over at Fat Dragon Games is working on some 3D printable SciFi terrain, but hasn’t shared any deatails yet . I’ll be all over it the day he does.

Over at OneMonk Miniatures, Dave Graffam is working on a truly inspired 3D Sci Fi Terrain set. While no details are definite yet, Dagobah Dave has shared quite a few preview pics of his masterpiece while it’s still in it’s early stages, over on the OneMonk Forums. Dave already has a line of incredibly detailed fantasy buildings, available on RPGNOW.

Here’s a couple to wet your whistle, if your too lazy to run over there and check for yourself.

I’ll post updates and release dates when they become available.

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