More Breathers on the way – OneMonk/Darkmook Zombies

DarkMook, over at OneMonk Miniatures, has responded to requests for more breathers in his Survival Horror line of paper minaitures.

Mia and her crew of Zombie/Monster hunters are under way, and he’s given us a sneak peak of Mia.

 There are currently 4 model sets available in the Survival Horror Line.

Set 1: Last Man Standing

Set 2: Blood, Brains, and Bikers

Set 3 Prison Break

Free Horror Horde

Paper miniatures have become a viable and attractive option for tabletop gaming. They are inexpensive, easy to produce, ready in minutes, and you can make as many copies as you like.

Try out the Horror Horde for FREE!! Who doesn’t want high quality paper minatures for free ?

If your drooling over these cool models, but don’t have an excuse to try them, then check out ALL THINGS ZOMBIE: BETTER DEAD THAN DEAD. Tabletop Skirmish rules during the Zombie Apocalypse. Available in print and PDF from 2Hour Wargames.

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