All Things Horror – Origins

It’d been almost twelve weeks since your own personal nightmare took place.
Looking back, even now, it’s hard to believe that it really happened. When most
people come face to face with a supernatural creature, they run. They also die.
Not you. For some reason you fought back. Fought back and killed it. Why you’re
not dead who can say. I guess you could consider that your interview.

Anyway, it was only a matter of days before they approached you in the hospital
about working for the Company. Smooth talking operators, with money to burn, you
fell for their pitch. Besides, did you really think you could go back to the
nine to five grind once you found at that nightmares are real?

Eight weeks of intensive training and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be. At
least that’s what Anton said as you packed for your first mission. You boarded
the chopper thinking of all the things in your life you hadn’t done and wishing
you had. What did Mark Twain say about regrets?

 Ed over at 2HourWargames has said that ALL THINGS HORROR is slated for release next week.

    It’s a complete stand alone game, with 2 books planned. The first being the core rules and detailing 3 monster types, while the second book will be more like a beasitary and detail many monster types in a fashion suitable for Modern, Weird War, and Lovecraftian fans.

     This way it can also be of use to ATZ and NUTS players .

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