Cult Recruitment Drive

     One Monk Miniatures creates fine 30mm Paper miniatures suitable for table top gaming. Another thing Justin, aka One Monk does is an excpetional job of promting the hobby. On the OneMonk forums member artists practice their craft and create models, ususally based on a monthly theme, for that monts horde. The Horde is a collection of member created models that One Monk compiles and hosts on his site for free distribution.

     Justin is also fantastic in the respect that he allows people to mod his work, as long as they don’t sell it, and include it in the horde. Last month I got the paper modelling bug and I kitbashed some female cultists to complement the One Monk Evil Cultists I purchased.

This is what the evil cultists I picked up looked like

They look great. I thought they were a steal for $3.99. They are currently on sale for $3. There are countless D&D adventures where I could have used these guys.

I really liked them, but I thought it would have cool if there were more cult maidens, so I made some. A ton of cut paste, some drawing, more cut and pasting, wholesale use of the blur function and my cult maidens were born.

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