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From now, untill the end of the year ALL One Monk miniatures sets at RPGNOW will be $1 !!

As of January 1st Jim’s taking removing his product line form RPGNow, and no longer including the uncolored black and white sheets in his model sets. After that he will be revisiting and revising sets as he adds them for direct sale from OneMonk.Com

This is an awesome chance to collect entire armies worth of miniatures for pennies a model.

Just FYI, you can get the entire range of OneMonk miniatures for UNDER $80 while this sale is going, don’t miss it.

I just got 2 Copies of the Guild Seasons 1&2 for $14

I just nabbed 2 copies of the Guild Seasons 1&2 from Amazon for $13.99  shipped.

Amazon is having a buy one get one free on selected titles sale and the Guild Seasons 1&2 is part of it.

No idea how long this sale is going to last, but I just wanted to share this awesome deal.


Ed over at 2HrWargames is giving us a gift for Xmas!!

It’s the night before Christmas, and all hell is breaking loose at the North Pole. The evil Jack Frost and his minions have mounted an attack on Santa’s Workshop. Their goal is to take the “Big Guy” out, put a stop to Christmas, and keep the world in never-ending winter. But it’s easier said than done as Santa and Mrs. Claus have mobilized the Elves, and they’re ready to go toe to toe with old Jack. So let’s get it started!

SANTA CLAUS WARS !!! A FREE Chain Reaction 3.0 supplement based on the Wargames Depot Line of  SANTA CLAUS WARS line of figures. Chain Reaction is the FREE game engine that most of the 2HrWargames lineup is based on. Did I mention it was FREE, and totally friggin awesome ??

Don’t have Santa Claus Wars minaiatures you say ? Check back here often as I’ll be posting links to the OneMonk’s Santa Claus Wars Horde, available SOON !!

Do You Want To Date My Avatar – Felica Day SEXY Guild

Underneath that quite and beautifull exterior lies a sex goddess just waiting to pounce !!

If I wasn’t already married, I think I would move to L.A., infiltrate the guild, and seduce Felicia Day.

Between Penny, Codex, and the Fairie I’m developing a serious crush on Felicia. Now all we need to do is pay someone to make an underground sex video with a hot and naked Felica Day and Nerd Based Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will skyrocket.

Klunky Robot Preview

Here’s a preview of another robot model I’ve designed

FREE GAME – ToyMallet 40 Cents – Warhammer 40K Parody

You just have to love any game with the tag line “In the grim emptiness of your wallet, you can’t afford to play”

Welcome to the world of totally cheap tabletop wargaming! Why spend buckets of cash on a superior, worthwhile product when you can download this crappy cheap ass parody of Warhammer 40K? Now you too can roll fistfulls of dice to see who split whos testicles open on the bloody field of battle, otherwise known as the kitchen table. Now, you too can have no life and be the sort of nerd who even furries snicker at: a grognard, a wargamer. This and more is all yours for cheap as free with TOYMALLET 40 Cents!

Jennirverse.Com writes “So easy even your syphalitc Grandmother can play it”

Combat Storm Player has written a couple of battle reports about it

Any game with Panda Bears in Power Armor with the slogan “Kill for the Bamboo” is alright by me. The fact that it pokes fun at 40K is pure icing on the cake.

Download it. Play it. Leave me a link to your battle reports !!

FREE 30mm Mind Flayer Paper Miniature

 Someone asked if I knew where to find a paper miniature for a Mindflayer. I figured I’d draw one and GOOGLED for some reference pics when I found this lovely pair of front and back images of a painted Mindflayer miniature.

Edited the heck out of it with GIMP, applied the Cartoon Filter to give it a more hand drawn appearance, gave it an outline and jammed it on a base and WALA !!!

One mindflayer miniature ready for the tabletop.

Hunter Killer Robot


I was looking at this

and I came up with this

Which when put together looks like this


For the love of Pete I can’t get this thing to imbed properly.

Click HERE for the new Iron Man 2 trailer, direct from Marvel.

FREE MINAITURES – From Arion Games

Arion Games has a freebies page with a good sized collection of top and trifold cgi miniatures. 

They aren’t my usual cup of tea, I prefer the One Monk Style, but you can’t beat the price, FREE!!