FREE GAME – ToyMallet 40 Cents – Warhammer 40K Parody

You just have to love any game with the tag line “In the grim emptiness of your wallet, you can’t afford to play”

Welcome to the world of totally cheap tabletop wargaming! Why spend buckets of cash on a superior, worthwhile product when you can download this crappy cheap ass parody of Warhammer 40K? Now you too can roll fistfulls of dice to see who split whos testicles open on the bloody field of battle, otherwise known as the kitchen table. Now, you too can have no life and be the sort of nerd who even furries snicker at: a grognard, a wargamer. This and more is all yours for cheap as free with TOYMALLET 40 Cents!

Jennirverse.Com writes “So easy even your syphalitc Grandmother can play it”

Combat Storm Player has written a couple of battle reports about it

Any game with Panda Bears in Power Armor with the slogan “Kill for the Bamboo” is alright by me. The fact that it pokes fun at 40K is pure icing on the cake.

Download it. Play it. Leave me a link to your battle reports !!

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