Ed over at 2HrWargames is giving us a gift for Xmas!!

It’s the night before Christmas, and all hell is breaking loose at the North Pole. The evil Jack Frost and his minions have mounted an attack on Santa’s Workshop. Their goal is to take the “Big Guy” out, put a stop to Christmas, and keep the world in never-ending winter. But it’s easier said than done as Santa and Mrs. Claus have mobilized the Elves, and they’re ready to go toe to toe with old Jack. So let’s get it started!

SANTA CLAUS WARS !!! A FREE Chain Reaction 3.0 supplement based on the Wargames Depot Line of  SANTA CLAUS WARS line of figures. Chain Reaction is the FREE game engine that most of the 2HrWargames lineup is based on. Did I mention it was FREE, and totally friggin awesome ??

Don’t have Santa Claus Wars minaiatures you say ? Check back here often as I’ll be posting links to the OneMonk’s Santa Claus Wars Horde, available SOON !!

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