HEROSCAPE – Marro Soldiers

If your anything like me, you bought Heroscape, and missed the small detail that all the units in Rise of the Valkyrie are unique units. Not a problem if you only bought one set, but again if your like me, who bought six, you have alot of extra figures on your hands.

To solve this problem, I want to make custom stat cards that utilize the figures in ROTV. This way, not only will I have a way to use my extra figures, but anyone else who wants to use my stat cards should have access to the figures as well.

Marro are my favorite faction from Heroscape. I used to play with legions of Marro Warriors, before we figured out you weren’t suppossed to., so I decided I wanted to put them back into action.

I dug out and compared the stats of all the Marro Units I had.
Marrden Nagrubs -30pts cheap expendable hound like models, suited for Warlord Escort duty, not what I was looking for.
Marro Drudge -50pts Humanoid shooters, but dependant on Swamp Tiles, something I wanted to avoid
Marro Stingers – 60pts Humanoid Shooters, with a random do more damage or die trying roll
Marro Warriors – 50pts The Unique Humanoid Shooters I was getting the models from. They have excellent range, low damage, but their reall strength is they can ressurect models. I know from first hand experience that no one really wants to fight against an entire army of them resurrecting, and that 50pts is too cheap for a 4 man non-unique unit that can pile on like that.
Marro Drones 50pts Melee only humanoids, with Hive Mind, alloing them to share activations with fellow Marrow Drone Units, on of my favorite abilities in the game.

So then inspiration hit me. I wanted something different from the Drudge, Stingers, and Warriors, that didn’t clone, or was dependant on terrain features. I really dig the Drones, but always wished they could shoot….

Marro Soldiers were born !!

    I used the Marro Drones as a starting point.

  • Gave them some range.
  • Reduced the number of models per squad from 4 to 3 to match the general Marro Squad size, and to avoid weirdness with the Hive Mind power, which is based on multiples of 3.
  • Their shooting damage is comperable to Stingers, when not boosted, and Drudges when boosted and their range is the same.
  • Guestimated Unit cost of 70pts.

They cost more than any of the units they were based on. Have none of the unique special defenses, less range, and model less, than the Marro Warriors they were conscripted from. They do have the potential to activate more often, which is thier key strength.

If you get any use out of these fellas, I would appreciate feedback.

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