HEROSCAPE – Master Set 3 Singles Restocked

If you’ve just started playing with your HEROSCAPE D&D MASTER SET 3 and wished you had a few more Trolls and Drow, you may have missed the bus. Those singles flew out the door ealier this week from damn near everyone selling singles at a reasonable rate.

I just minutes ago got an Email from Andrwe over at AUGGIE’S and they just cracked open 40 Fresh boxes of MASTER SET 3 and put them up this afternoon.


 Deepwyrm Drow $5.99

Get them NOW!!! According to my sources, WIzards is already sold out of Master Set 3, so the supply of these single is going  to dry up fast

    • Quixotic
    • January 16th, 2010

    Awesome. Thanks for the tip. I’ll add this to my Blog too!

  1. August 6th, 2010

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