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Heroscape D&D D1 Fen Hyrda

HEROSCAPE D&D D1 SNEAK PEAK Brandis Skyhunter & Ghost Knights

These Pics were taken during TOTALCON and posted over on HEROSCAPERS.


This is a WIP custom being put together on

SirGalahad came up with the original custom, and the NM24 crew offered suggestions and feedback to get him to his current state. I’m doing the card art for this submission. Here’s the latest incarnation, but it probably wont be the last


D&D D1 Previews and C3G Playtest previews

The following Heroscape cards are customs by me using official and semiofficial playtesting stats.

D1 Earth Elemental - EINAR

D1 Fire Elemental - UTGAR

C3G Sentinel playtest

C3G Magneto playtest

C3G Jean Grey Playtest

CoolStuffInc spills the beans on HEROSCAPE Wave D1 Contents

CoolStuffInc’s Heroscape page lists all the D1 packs and thier contents !!


Fury of the Primordials contains a Wyvern, an Air Elemental, an Earth Elemental, a Fire Elemental, a Water Elemental, and one treasure glyph



Glaun Bog Raiders contains a Greater Ice Elemental, three different Greenscale Warriors, a Drow Chain Fighter, and one treasure glyph.


Heroes of Faerûn contains a Cyclops, a Drow Arachnomancer, an Elven Ranger, a Battle Mage, a Dwarf Warlord, and a treasure glyph.

Drow Arachnomancer

Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen contains a Fen Hydra, a Sahuagin Ranger, three different Phantom Knights, and one treasure glyph.

Heroscape Sentinels Sneak Peak

The men and women of C3G are hard at work over on the Heroscapers’ Forums hashing out the details for Sentinels in Heroscape.

This is quick snapshot of some of my Work In Progress proxies for Sentinel Models.

HEROSCAPE D1 Glaun Bog Raiders – Greater Ice Elemental Data Card