HEROSCAPE – Glaun Bog Raiders Preview

Heroscapers has a preview of the Heroscape D1 Expansion: Glaun Bog Raiders Up !!

GreenScale Warriors a solid 60Pt Melee unit can bond with any 1 unique Hero Dragon in your force. They even get an attack and damage bonus when near their “Lizard King”.

The Drow Chain Fighter is a 25pt Common Hero who can drag his oppenents adjacent to him.

The Greater Ice Elemental is a 130 point Uncommon Hero that has a grab bag of usefull abilities. He turns all adjacent water tiles into Ice and heals 1 wound per activation when on Ice or Snow.

Be sure to check out the full preview on HEROSCAPERS

All in all this is looking like a great set so far. More drow love, a reason to play Dragons, and some motivation to use snow terrain.

Now all they need to do is re-release the Tundra set and we go bonkers with Yeti and Ice Elementals.

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