No Ordinary Family – Super Heroes on ABC TV

Michael Chiklis (The Shield, The Commish) and Julie Benz (Dexter, Buffy) get married have a couple of kids and then develop super powers.  Think Chuck and Heroes mashed together into a family friendly show about supers with a simple to follow plot line.

To be honest, I’d watch any series with both Chiklis and Benz as the lead charecters, and I watch damn near anything about super heroes, so this is a big WIN for me  and my television viewing habits.

No Odinary Heroes is already filming the pilot.

“It’s basically your typical family drama with the one atypical addition that the people in the family have superpowers. Greg Berlanti and Jon Feldman created the show and they did a really amazing job with the characters and the script. They’re both very active in the production of the pilot, but they also have other things on their plate — for example, this is only one of two pilots that Jon is producing this year — so the studio asked me to come in and help out where I can. Because the concept is so strong and Greg and Jon are such great guys, it was a no-brainer for me. We’ve cast Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Romany Malco and a whole bunch of really talented actors. David Semel, who directed the pilot for “Heroes,” among many other things, is our director and he’s doing an incredible job.”

You can read the full interview here.

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