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Fat Dragon Games McDooms Released

$4.99, has Red and Blue color schemes.

What’s not to love about it ?

The ground and roof can be printed with 1″, 1.5″, Hex or No Grid.

If you hurry now you can catch it on sale of $3.99

Not Quite Heroclix: Freddy vs. Jason & Gremlins coming soon

In February, Wizkids started packaging non-random assortments of figure for mass market consumption. There are rumored to be 22 assortments in the pipe line, 6 of which are currently available, ToysRUs for instance.

On top of that, they are repacking some of the licensed HorrorClix lines as NonClix simple board games. They’re banking on people just loving the intelectual property and impulse buying them. Heck, I’ll be buying them for Heroscape conversions, but to each his own I guess.

Hundred’s if not thousands of free wargaming miniatures

Jim over at www.OneMonk.Com has finally lost his marbles and is now offering his entire line of printable 30mm scale wargaming for FREE.

I bought the entire line when they were $4, then on sale for $2, and then on sale again for $1 and they were worth every penny. Getting them for free now is just ludicrous.

What’s even more insane is since he’s marked them down to free he’s put out more sets then he did in the last year her was charging for them

Get over there and get your free miniatures !!

Wolverine the Musical