Heroscape D2 Wave 12 Heroes of Khorvaire sneak peak

Heroes of Khorvaire

The mighty fire giant Shurrak (Utgar) cleaves his foes in two with his gigantic iron blade. Mika Connour (Vydar) is a deadly fighter who hides in the dark of night, surprising foes from the shadows. The Warforged Wizard known simply as Heirloom (Vydar) is a master of magic, striking down foes with mystical orbs of force. Rhogar Dragonspine (Aquilla) is a dragonborn paladin who heals wounds with the touch of his hands. Elementals follow the powerful hobgoblin elementalist, Kurrok (Utgar). Also included are two shadow tiles and a Glyph.

Already available for pre-order at House Mouse Games

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