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Blood Bowl Bloodweiser Twins Paper Miniatures

There may be no finer way to spend 50,000 Inducement Gold in Blood Bowl than to hire one of the Bloodweiser Twins. Angelina and Jolee will have your boyz standing at attention.
BloodWeiser Twins

I whipped these paper minis up for my Blood Bowl League, and I figured I share them with you. They are in the OneMonk Style (30mm, front and back art, black outline, etc..)


REBEL MINIs purveyors of fine 15mm and 6mm miniatures is branching out into the SUPER HERO 15mm Niche !!
REbel Minis 15mm Greens

From their blog:

This week we are going to show some greens from two new categories we are starting. Our main focus is always 15mm sci-fi and modern/horror, so to change things up a bit and for some new experiences, I am glad to announce these new categories.

15mm SuperHeroes and Villians
We¬†don’t have a name for these guys yet, but we will have some soon. My background is in comics so I have always had a warm and fuzzy for the whole comic books scene. These are sculpted by an amazing sculptor named Pierre Francois Jacquet. They kick-ass.

We have not decided who is a good guy and who is a villian. It is tough choose. If you guys have any suggestions.. let us know! I’ll also have a scenario later for Supers vs Zombies.

ATZ – All Things Zombie’s I Zombie due out next week

Ed over at 2Hour Wargames has announced that work on the final installment of the ATZ Trilogy, I Zombie, is close to finished and will be released next week.

Look for it to include rules for:
Ragers (28 Days Later)
Smart Zombies (Stephen Kings The Cell ?)
New Vehicle Rules (Now with less vanilla)
Optional Reaction Testing
Using horses (You can lead a horse to Zombies..)
<Hunting (Rural survival got a boost)
Safe Houses
Bicycles (I’m guessing they don’t attact Zombies)
Havasu Post Apocalypse town to play in
Pit Fighting (Thunderdome Action ?)
Zombie Racing (Dead Heat tie in)
Zombie Wrangling (Mentioned in Dead Heat, but didn’t have rules to support it)
Psy ( Please, please, please let me make Zombie Heads ‘splode with my mind)