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FREE BFG Battlefleet Gothic 2010 Updates

Nate Montes sent me this message

Hi everyone!!

There’s a big set of updates today! If you don’t feel like
reading the updates and want to just get to it, click the link below.*

Alright then. First up, the Eldar Refits rules were updated. This is a FINAL
product that was changed slightly to clarify how Netherfields work on the
Haven. No other changes.

Now for the drafts:

Biggie: The updated 2010 FAQ/Errata is FINALLY on the street! We listened,
and there are a LOT of small detail changes and additions here. Most of it
will make lots of people happy, some of it may not. PLEASE take some time to
pick this thing apart. If there’s something important we missed, please let
us know!

Inquisition DRAFT 1.2: Made a few small tweaks based on fan input and
corrected some accidental omissions. If you hated the last document,
hopefully you will hate this one less. Keep in mind that this is supposed to
be a characterful, scenario driven addition to the Imperial fleet lists and
is NOT a fleet list in and of itself.

Powers of Chaos 2.1: The Terminus Est os unchanged from the Fanatic article,
but the additions here add a LOT of character customization to a given Chaos
fleet. Some of the stuff here reaches all the way back to when the game was
called Rogue Trader! There will be surprises for everyone, and I expect LOTS
of hate mail over this one.

Rogue Trader 3.0: Corrected some small fluff and formatting errors. Only two
big changes:

#1- We clarified how rogue trader cruisers are taken, making the Dauntless a
more available option.

#2- I have been accused of fanboyism and abusing my role as HA to foist on
the community unwanted changes. I promise that none of that was ever my
intention in all the documents we have produced in this process. However,
for once I admit raw, unrestrained fanboyism in adding an Easter egg to the
Rogue Traders document. When incorporating the Stryxis, there is a LOT of
rich background potential I intentionally left out only because I thought it
would clutter the document and unduly encumber it for no real benefit.
However, I had two small play-test battles in the meantime, and when making
the corrections in preparation for sealing the document shut, I couldn’t
help myself. I’ll let you all find the Easter egg, and those who know the
background will quickly say it is fluff-true and balanced. However, I
foisted this without going to the HA’s, and if there is a lot of grief about
it, I’ll take it out before stamping it Final.

Tai Commerce Protection Fleet 2.5: Not much changed here from what has been
posted for awhile except formatting and some very minor tweaks.

Well, that’s it. It’s a lot to digest so I will leave the drafts as-is for
about two weeks so everyone can pick it apart, and hopefully these will all
be stamped FINAL sometime before Christmas.

– Nate