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City Of Heroes Super Hero Commissioned Art Part 2

Fresh of the press !!

A black and white Centinull by killacaravagio

City Of Heroes,Super Hero,Centinull

and a Sexy Pinup Style Solarita, drawn by DrawLikeCrazy

City of Heroes,Super Hero,Solarita

City of Heroes Super Hero Commissioned Art

Here’s a peek at some of the fantastic art I’ve commissioned of my Super Heroes by talented artists from all over the web.

This is my Hero Centinull. He’s an android who has Electrical based powers. This piece was commissioned from ImagesByAlex. The first commission I had done and it’s still my favorite. It’s entirely digital.
Centinull by ImagesByAlex

This is another commission of Centinull, by LividMoon. It’s an actual pen and ink piece 9×12 and this is a photo of it.
Centinull,City Of Heroes,COH,Super Hero,comic

I’ve actually commissioned a colored version of the same piece, and I’ll add it here once I get it.

Another favorite character of mine is American Champion. He’s somewhere between Captain America and Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!)

Here’s a black and white American Champion Drawing by LividMoon

I liked it so much I had a colored version done.