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Zombicide Survivor Adam


“Gruff” Miniature by Hasslefree

Took a stab at making a custom Zombicide Survivor. He has some useful skills but ZERO combat related upgrades. If you try him out in your Zombicide games I’d love to hear feedback on him.

Quickie Terrain – Radar Dish WIP

Saw these bits in my bitz box and within minutes later I had a new piece of terrain

Took step by step photos

Batman Music Video Collection

From Dararoa, “Bat Romance”

I could watch the Harleyquin portion of that video on a loop

From MockStars we have “My Name is Bruce Wayne”

I don’t care what the title of the video of it is, that they name for it. Most disturbing Bruce Wayne Ever.

From TheWarpZOne, “Batman Rap”

“I’m Batman !@!” Explicit lyrics, just in case your sensitive to that kind of thing.

The KeyOfAwesom brings us “The Dark Knight is Confused”

It’s a music video, with one actor playing all the parts, and it’s a pretty witty deconstruction of the plot holes in The Dark Knight

From the ScreenTeamShow, Batman Medley

Another ScreenTeamShow video, this time it’s “Avengers Assemble”

Warhammer 40K 2012 Sisters Of Battle 6th Edition Codex – Updated with latest FAQ – PDF

Want to play Sisters of Battle, but don’t happen to have the White Dwarfs the rules are in ?

Confused and dismayed that GamesWorkshop doesn’t make them available in any form ?

Would you them in a neat, easy to read format, suitable for printing, and updated with the new FAQs ?

Here you go !

It’s a fan made product, compiling all the rules from the out of print rules sources and the current FAQs.

Until Games Workshop gets off their butts and releases a new Sisters of Battle Codex, this one is the most comprehensive and up to date source for the sisters Of Battle in 6th edition Warhammer 40K

I’d like to extend my heart felt thanks to the authors of this file for all their hard work.