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Warhammer 40K Sisters of Battle Codex 2012 “Condensed” Update

The links in the original post went dead and I received a few messages about it.

Seems the original files were taken down because of the the new update.

Here is the new and improved version !!


Want to play Sisters of Battle, but don’t happen to have the White Dwarfs the rules are in ?

Confused and dismayed that GamesWorkshop doesn’t make them available in any form ?

Would you them in a neat, easy to read format, suitable for printing, and updated with the new FAQs ?

Here you go !

Download it here

It’s a fan made product, compiling all the rules from the out of print rules sources and the current FAQs.

Until Games Workshop gets off their butts and releases a new Sisters of Battle Codex, this one is the most comprehensive and up to date source for the sisters Of Battle in 6th edition Warhammer 40K

I’d like to extend my heart felt thanks to the authors of this file for all their hard work.