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Vuggs Dar’Sect’s Guide to Technology: Hyper Education System – Star Wars D6 RPG WEG

Vuggs Dar’Sect is an old character of mine that has elevated to minor legendary status in my gaming group. A Verpine technician, rebel, and later Crime Lord, Vugg’s new the in’s an outs of every piece of tech he could get his hands on. Now Vugg’s is looking to take a page out of Galladinum Guide by, well writing a Guide to tech of his own.

This first entry is for a Hyper Education System.

A.I.M. Hyper Education System

It’s based loosley on the rules for the snyoptic teacher, from Galladium’s. It’s basically how I as a Game Master would allow it. to be used in my campaigns. The synoptic teacher was a contraversial item in Star Wars as it allowed characters to learn skills without the expenditure of character points. Worst that the rules were very brief, leaving costs, skills, and difficulty numbers competely at the Gm’s discretion. It was an interesting that needed more than two paragraphs to flesh out.