Warhammer 40K Tyranid Maleceptor and Toxicrene Datasheets Revealed

White Dwarf 40 Terror of the Toxicrene

WHITE DWARF Issue 40 has the datasheets for the two new Tyranid Monstrous Creatures

I’m just excited to see our favorite bugs getting a little TLC from GW.

Datasheet Maleceptor

Datasheet Toxicrene

This week two new Tyranid bioforms have been engineered by the Hive Mind to reap fresh terror among the indigenous races of the galaxy. White Dwarf is proud to present their rules and offer a little commentary, too. It’s a powerful, poisonous predator from beyond the stars! Join us as we take a look at why the Toxicrene is so much fun. 1. REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE The Toxicrene is the ultimate expression of the ‘family tree’ begun with the creation of the Venomthrope; it’s the most poisonous thing in the galaxy. As such, nothing living wants to be touched by those tentacles. Terminators and Wraithknights alike will get shredded by armour-pulverising talons and then reduced into gloop by virulent alien venoms. It’s time for soup!

There is ongoing discussion that the Datasheets will be included in the box with the models, as well as in the White Dwarf, which will be available digitally, but that has yet to be confirmed. Personally, I’m betting on a Tyranid Codex supplement in the near future.

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