Warhammer 40K Zoanthrope, Toxothrope, and Neurothrope first sightings

White Dwarf 42 Brings us our fist look at the new rumored Tryanid Plastc 3 pack kit that makes Zoanthrope, Toxothrope, and Neurothrope models.

White Dwarf 42 Cover Leak

Confirms that the new campaign box witll be called Shield of Baal: Leviathan. That was probably the worst kept secret in recent 40K history, but it’s nice to see it actually confirmed. I’ve been trying to order it from my FLGS for weeks now and they didn’t even have so much as it’s name.

Rumor is that the Neurothrope is basically an update of the old Doom of Malantai.

In any case 3 weeks of solid great new releases.

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