Shield of Baal Box Set Rumors Deathstorm and Blood Angels Love

Deepstriking Landraiders inspired this gem.

  If The Rumours Were True

Then the internet had to sake it one step further

If The Rumors were true stormraven-tank

Which has to be the best proxy for a Stormraven I have ever seen.

and then..

BrokenRecord found a way to way to improve on it

Broken Records Landraider

in other news AxisOfEntropy is reporting on Naftka reporting on Faeit 212 preorting and anonymous source is reporting that

Shield of Baal box set $125 25 miniatures, campaign supplement, and rules
Shield of Baal: Deasthstorm $24 hardback 125pgs
Contents of the box set
Small Rulebook with Blood Angels on Front
Campaign Supplement -40pages
3 missions, rules and dataslates for each model, two formations- Strike Force Deathstorm and Phodian Annihilation Swarm
Blood Angels Strike Force- 12 models
Captain Karlean, 5 terminators, 5 deasth company, and a death company dreadnought
Phodian Annihilation Swarm- 13 models
Spawn of Cryptus, 8 genestrealers, 3 warriors, and a carnifex
The Spawn of Cryptus is a very large Broodlord towering over the height of warriors. Both the Spawn of Cryptus and Captian Karlean are new models.
The Captain, Broodlord, and warriors are in line with previous box set rumors, and I’ve felt that Death Company were prettymucha given, since the beggining, with them being iconic and a 5 man box set.
Interestingly, the mini rulebook is noted as having a Blood Angels logo on the cover. Being a Blood Angels player, since their first codex was released back in 2nd edition, I can’t approve of this enough.
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