Warhammer 40K Blood Angels Codex Insights and Sneak Peeks

The Blood Angels codex is the first to include Adeptus Astartes in it’s title.

Codex Adeptus Astartes Blood Angels

White Dwarf 45, coming out later this week gives us our first views of the new and improved Blood Angels Tactical Squad.

White Dwarf 45 Cover

Armor – Blood Angels Iconagraphy sculpted onto the armor, and the SGT has the cool Mordred Style, nipple armor, that used to be resreved for the Blood Angels models in Artificer Armor.

Weapons – They are shown with a specialist sporting a Grav Gun, and a heavy wielding a heavy flamer, both new options for Blood Angels Tactical marines. Salamanders are just green with envy.

Blood Angels Tactical Squad

We have the answer to what Blood Talons are going to do in 7E

Blood Talon

BLLOD TALONS S x2 AP 2 Melee, Shred, Specialist Weapon

Magna Grapple

Sanguinary Guard and Dreadnaughts

Sauguinary Guard

There was a bit of a stir, earlier this week when Sanguinary Guard dissapeared fromt he GW online store, and then wild accsations of them being removed from the codex were thrown around. They are in the codex, so it appears they are safe, and they bringing friends. Although it’s too blurry to read probably it can be made out that additional Sanguinary Guard can be bought above the original squad size of 5.

The Dreadnaught pictured appears to be the stock standard Space Marine dreadnaught, and not the Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnaught we have come to love in the Elite slot. Looks like the basic dread is being put in Elite to be more in line with Codex Space Marines.

New Sanguinary Priest model being released as well

Sanguinary Priest

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