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Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Necron Codex leaks: Canoptek Wraiths

Canoptek Wraiths – 120 points (unit of 3)

WS4 BS4 S6 T5 W2 I2 A3 Ld10 Sv.3+

Fearless, Rending, Very Bulky

Wraith Form: Canptek Wraiths have 3+ Invuln. Save

Wraithflight: When moving, Canoptek Wraiths can move over all other models and terrain as if they were open ground. However, they cannot end their move on top of other models and can only end their move on top of impassable terrain if it is possible to actually place the models on top of it.

May include up to three additional Canoptek Wraiths

Any model may take one of the following:

Whip Coils – S6 Melee SwiftStrike (I+3)
Particle caster – 12″ S6 AP 5 Pistol
Transdimensional beamer – 12″ S4 AP2 Heavy 1 Exile Ray (On to wound roll of 6 Instant death, auto wound, auto Penetrating hit)

Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Necron Codex leaks: Destroyer Cult

Destroyer Cult
1 Destroyer Lord
3 units of destroyers
0-1 units of heavy destroyers

Special Rules: Move through cover
If this formation is your primary detachment, can re-roll for Warlord Traits.
Units in this formation re-roll failed to wound and armour penetration rolls

Note that Heavy Destroyers are no longer an upgrade to a Destroyer unit, and are a unit of their own.

Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Necron Codex leaks: Ghost Ark


BS 4 F 11 S 11 R 11 HP 4 Vehicle (Skimmer, Open-topped, Transport)


Two Gauss Flayer Arrays (pg113)

Quantum Shielding (pg115)


Transport Capacity: 10 models. It can only carry Necron Warriors and Necron Characters with the infantry unit type.

Repair Barge:  At the start of each friendly Movement phase this model can repair fallen Necron Warrios. To do so, nominate a firendly unit of Necron Warriors that is either within 6” of this model or embarked on it, and roll a D3. Add a number of Necron Warriors tot he unit equal to the result – this cannot take the unit beyond it starting size nor, if it is currently embarked in the Ghost ark, beyond the vehicle’s transport capacity (any excess are destroyred). These Necron Warriors must be placed within 6” of the Ghost Ark, or if the unit is currently embarked in the Ghost Ark, within it. If the model cannot be placed for any reason, it is destroyed. Necron Warriors repaired iin this manner can move and act normally this turn.

Th special magic, where GW screwed up, is that Warriors now have a minium squad size of 10 models, not 5 like in previus edition. So no more transporting a Warriors Squad with a Cryptek, at least not until it’s taken some casualties.

Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Necron Codex leaks: Canoptek Harvest

The Canoptek Harvest is a new formation that can be used on it’s own, or part of the new Necron Decurion Detachment , made up of other detachments (see page 17 of White Dwarf 52, or wait for the codex)

Canoptek Harvest 
1 Canoptek Spyder
1 unit of Canoptek Wraiths
1 unit of Canoptek Scarabs

Special Rules:

Move Through Cover, Relentless

At start of Movement phase, can gain Fleet, Reanimation Protocols, or Shred. Spyder and all formation units within 12″ gain those special rules until your next movement phase.

Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Necron Codex leaks: Orikan the Diviner

Orikan the Diviner (120 points)
WS 4 BS 44 4 2 2 A 2 Ld 10 Sv.4+/4++

Phase Shifter, Staff of Tomorrow: S:User, AP2, Melee, Chronoblade (re-roll to hit rolls in assault)
Master Chronomancer: Model and all models in same unti get +1 to RP rolls, and re-roll armour saves of 1
The Stars are Right: Roll D6 at start of each friendly turn. If result is less than current turn number, Orikan uses his Empowered profile for rest of game. If he suffers a wound before becoming empowered, he has 3 wounds instead of 4 when empowered.

(Orikan Empowered)

WS 5 BS 5 S 7 7 W 4 I 4 A 4 Ld 10 Sv.4+/4++

Okay, first off he costs about twice as much as a regular Cryptek. He gives +1 to Reanimation Protocals and Armor Saves for the whole unit.. He re-rolls to hit in Assault with his AP2 weapon, and if the stars are right he’s T7, S7.

Would you like a squad of Immortals with 2+ saves and 4+ RP ? (Don’t forget that RP acts more like FNP now)

Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Necron Mephrit Dynasty Tactics – The Souza Maneuver

Meprit Dynasty Cohort Formation
Use the Mephrit Dynasty Cohort FOC to field the contents of the Mephrit Dynasty Recursion Decurion, and  apply the benefits of both the models that make up the Mephrit Dynasty Recursion Decurion.

Datasheet Mephrit Dynasty Resurgance Decursion

Fielding units of warriors, 20 strong, with Ghost Arks, flanking the Monolith in the middle of them, inside the bubble of a void shield generator, and laugh maniacally at your opponent.

“Yeah, to wipe out that unit of warriors you have to go through 3 layers of AV 12, then wound them, and get through the 4+ saves, before I get to bring them back on a 4+, re-rolling ones, and automatically repair 1d3+1d6 of them a turn. No, I am not kidding.”

Warhammer 40K Necron Mephrit Dynasty Datasheets

Until the 7th Edition Necron hardcover codex drops, the Necron Mephrit Dynasty Datasheets are the only way for Necrons to have access to Relics and race specific Warlord traits.

 THe Mephrit Dynasty intro

Warlord Traits

Meprit Dynasty Warlord Traits


Relics of the War in Heaven

Force Org Chart

Meprit Dynasty Cohort Formation


THe Guardians of Perdita Formation

Conclave of the Burning One Formation Necron Formation Anrakyrs strategic Decurion Zathusas Rolyal Decurion