Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Necron Codex leaks: Ghost Ark


BS 4 F 11 S 11 R 11 HP 4 Vehicle (Skimmer, Open-topped, Transport)


Two Gauss Flayer Arrays (pg113)

Quantum Shielding (pg115)


Transport Capacity: 10 models. It can only carry Necron Warriors and Necron Characters with the infantry unit type.

Repair Barge:  At the start of each friendly Movement phase this model can repair fallen Necron Warrios. To do so, nominate a firendly unit of Necron Warriors that is either within 6” of this model or embarked on it, and roll a D3. Add a number of Necron Warriors tot he unit equal to the result – this cannot take the unit beyond it starting size nor, if it is currently embarked in the Ghost ark, beyond the vehicle’s transport capacity (any excess are destroyred). These Necron Warriors must be placed within 6” of the Ghost Ark, or if the unit is currently embarked in the Ghost Ark, within it. If the model cannot be placed for any reason, it is destroyed. Necron Warriors repaired iin this manner can move and act normally this turn.

Th special magic, where GW screwed up, is that Warriors now have a minium squad size of 10 models, not 5 like in previus edition. So no more transporting a Warriors Squad with a Cryptek, at least not until it’s taken some casualties.

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