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American Champion COH City Of Heroes Super Hero Commissioned Art

American Champion,Super hero,City of Heroes,COH,COmic

American Champion,City of Heroes,COH,COmic

American Champion,Super hero,City of Heroes,COH,COmic



American Champion Model Sheet

American Champion,Super hero,City of Heroes,COH,COmic

American Champion Black and White

American Champion,Super hero,City of Heroes,COH,COmic

American Champion by Cyrus Hunter
American Champion,Super hero,City of Heroes,COH,COmic

DC Adventures RPG Heroes & Villains Volume I preview

Over on the AtomicThinkTank forums the following characters have been revealed to be included in DC Adventures, Heroes & Villains, Volume I

Abra Kadabra
Agent Liberty
Iris Allen
All-Star Squadron
Aqualad (both old and new)
Atom, Al Pratt
Atom Smasher
Atomic Skull (newest)
Batgirl, Barbara Gordon
Batgirl, Stephanie Brown
Big Barda
Black Hand
Black Lantern Corps.
Blockbuster, Mark Desmond
Blockbuster, Roland Desmond
Blue Devil
Blue Devil (original suit)
Blue Lantern Corps.
Brainiac, Milton Fine
Bronze Tiger
Brother Blood (the last few)
Brotherhood of Evil
Captain Boomerang, old
Captain Boomerang, young
Captain Cold
Captain Comet
Captain Marvel, Jr.
Snapper Carr
Cat Man
Chameleon Boy
Cheetah, Priscilla Rich
Cheetah, Sebastian Ballesteros
Clayface (big lumpy version)
Colossal Boy
John Constantine
Cosmic Boy
Count Vertigo
Crimson Avenger, Lee Travis
Crimson Avenger, unknown black woman
Demons Three
Doctor Light, Kimiyo Hoshi
Doctor Polaris
Doctor Psycho
Doctor Sivana
Dream Girl
Duplicate Damsel
Eclipso, Jean Loring preferred
Element Lad
Evil Star
Fatal Five
Firestorm, Jason
Firestorm, Ronnie
Flash, Jay Garrick
Flash, Wally West
Floronic Man
Lucius Fox
Freedom Fighters
The General
General Immortus
Green Lantern, Guy Gardner
Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner
Green Lantern, Alan Scott
Green Lantern, John Stewart
Hawkgirl, Kendra
Heat Wave
Hector Hammond
Jonah Hex
Hourman, Rick Tyler
Tim Hunter
Injustice Gang
Injustice Society
Jakeem Thunder
Johnny Thunder
Johnny Quick
Karate Kid
Killer Croc
Killer Moth (armored, not buggy)
Lady Vic
Mary Marvel
Manta Men, minions of Black Manta
Linda Park
Alfred Pennyworth
Tempest (former Aqualad)
Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Smallville Role Playing Game in time for 10th and final season

Margaret Weis Productions, who brought us the Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Supernatural RPGs, has at least 3 books in the works based on Smallville.

Smallville RPG

They aren’t out yet, so I can’t possibly write a review for them yet, but I can tell you what Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, and Firefly RPGs were like. All of the books were beautiful. All of the books were a great sourcebook for fans. The mechanics were meh… I don’t like the Margeret Wise RPG game engine. I do still collect the books. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of Smallville, but I suspect I’ll actually be playing M&M 3E/DC Adventures this fall.



Mutants and Masterminds 3E/ DC Adventures Quick Start Guide Direct Download available for FREE.

It’s got the ususal abridged rules you’ld expect, stats for Superboy and Knockout, and a sample adventure set for them in Smallville.

You can’t beat the price.(It’s Free)

The Stats for Superboy and Knockout are great since they are not included in the main DCA book, the first charecter supplement isn’t due out untill November.

DC Role Playing Game by Green Ronin D20 D6 best of Goodness

Green Ronin, the nice people who brought us the Mutants and Masterminds RPG, are going to bring a comprehensive DC Universe based RPG that doesn’t suck.

The Hero’s Handbook gives you all the rules and material you need to play the game. It is the DC ADVENTURES game, all in one book. So it includes, amongst other things, ready-to-use hero archetypes, along with an overview of the DC Universe, and information on some of its most prominent heroes and villains (fourteen of each).

Heroes & Villains is split into two volumes: Vol. I covers A-K, while Vol. II goes L-Z, each one packed with over 300 pages of characters! We spent some time collaborating on a master list of who had to go into these books and it is quite comprehensive.

DC Universe looks at the world of DC Comics, focusing on present-day Earth, but also venturing into the past and future, out among the stars, and across the dimensional gulf to parallel Earths and other worlds. It also serves as a third character book of sorts, as DC Universe will contain information on many supporting and background characters of the setting.

If you’ve never played the Mutants and Masterminds RPG before Think all the goodness of Mayfair’s DC RPG, the best parts of D20 game engine, and D6 Star Wars damage resolution. The Core of the DC RPG will serve as the new M&M 3rd Edition, although a seperate M&M 3E book will be printed for purists. It promises to be compatible with existing M&M 2E products, no major changes to attributes, etc…