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Fat Dragon Games 25% OFF 4th of July Sale !!


Fat Dragon Games is having their BIGGEST sale of the year. 25% OFF their ENTIRE Catalog.

Mc Dooms

Nows a great time to pick up anything you were procrastinating about, or take the plunge and get into the hobby with one of the Bundle deals. The bundles already offer you a discount and even they have been marked down 25% off for this sale.

Dragon Shire Delixe

Fat Dragon Games McDooms Released

$4.99, has Red and Blue color schemes.

What’s not to love about it ?

The ground and roof can be printed with 1″, 1.5″, Hex or No Grid.

If you hurry now you can catch it on sale of $3.99

Fat Dragon Games releases HEXMASTER SET 2 SciFi Terrain for HEROSCAPE


 Fat Dragon Games’ Tom has just released the second HEXMASTER terrain set. If you don’t know what HEXMASTER is, it is a set of Hex based terrain suitable for any hexbased game 3D game, like HEROSCAPE or BATTLETECH. The real strength of the set is that it is made to be compatibale with the HEROSCAPE plastic terrain.

HEXMASTER set 1, retails for $4.99, and is Fantasy based. The newly relased HEXMASTER set 2, retails for $4.99, and is SciFi based. It is especially usefull for HEROSCAPE players playing bots or MARVEL charecters that want terrain that looks more like it came from their time period and BATTLETECH players looking for Mech sized buildings that is designed for a hexgrid, which is hard to come by.