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FREE Printable modern terrain from Imperious Wargaming has a beautiful collection of FREE pritnable 28-30mm gaming terrain, perfect for All Things Zombie, Warhammer 40K, Marvel Heroscape, or any other modern, near future, or post apocalyptic gaming.

Shanty Town

On top of having an entire shanty town, there are tons of small bits like:

Go check them out and then print and build some paper gaming goodness.

Web Of Spider-Man Sneak Peak Heroclix

The Mail Away “Buy The Brick” Exclusive

A new Doc Oc sculpt

Heroclix Debut of Red Hulk

I think it’s the debut of Puma as well

Harry Osbourne is all his many guises

Don’t ask..

What’s a Heroclix set without the compuslary Wolverine sculpt ?

Let’s hope there is a Yellow and Blue repaint, or even Brown and Yellow

Everyone’s favorite Merc with a mouth

This summer’s dynamic movie going duo

DC 75th Heroclix Sneak Peak

DC 75th Logo
Due out later this year, DC 75th is promising to highlight all the best of the last 75 years.

All American Superman

What Little Geek Girl doesn’t love Wonderwoman and ponies ?

Okay it’s important in the Batmanverse, but did we really need a figure of a permanent back breaker ?

A Doomsday you can look forward to

SGT ROCK ? Looking a bit puny methinks…

White Lantern Goodness


The BRIGHTEST DAY Action pack will contain 7 figures. Aquaman and Osiris among them.
Brightest Day Osiris
Brightest Day Aquaman

DC Heroclix Jonah Hex Battle Pack Sneak Peak

Jonah Hex Battle Pack

To capitalize on the release of the new Jonah Hex film Heroclix adds to their line up the Jonah Hex Battle Pack. I’d mentioned this was coming a while back, but now the details have been revieled. The movie themed Battle Pack contains three brand new, figures: Jonah Hex, Lilah, and Turnbull. The M.S.R.P. is $7.99 and I’m sure you’ll find them in Toys R’ Us like the Iron Man packs, but if you can’t wait they are already up for Pre-order on for $5.25