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AliasQTip over on the Heroscapers boards has cooked up 4 printable terrain adventure packs.

A Cathederal

Factory Window and Doors

A Medievil Cottage

A Medievil Hut

The are all FREE to download, but you need to be a Heroscapers member to do so. Membership is free, and only takes a minute to setup.

FREE Printable modern terrain from Imperious Wargaming has a beautiful collection of FREE pritnable 28-30mm gaming terrain, perfect for All Things Zombie, Warhammer 40K, Marvel Heroscape, or any other modern, near future, or post apocalyptic gaming.

Shanty Town

On top of having an entire shanty town, there are tons of small bits like:

Go check them out and then print and build some paper gaming goodness.

DC Heroclix Jonah Hex Battle Pack Sneak Peak

Jonah Hex Battle Pack

To capitalize on the release of the new Jonah Hex film Heroclix adds to their line up the Jonah Hex Battle Pack. I’d mentioned this was coming a while back, but now the details have been revieled. The movie themed Battle Pack contains three brand new, figures: Jonah Hex, Lilah, and Turnbull. The M.S.R.P. is $7.99 and I’m sure you’ll find them in Toys R’ Us like the Iron Man packs, but if you can’t wait they are already up for Pre-order on for $5.25

Heroscape D2 Wave 12 Golem and the Wyrmlings sneak peak

Heroscape D2 Wave 12 Golem and Wyrmlings

The Iron Golem’s (Vydar) metal armor turns aside weapons and claws as it advances relentlessly. His armor provides him +2 Defense dice against Special Attacks.

Dragon Wyrmlings are ferocious fighters that breathe a different Elemental Breath weapon based on what chromatic race they are:

Einar – Red – Fire
Jandar – White – Frost
Vydar – Black – Acid
Aquilla- Blue – Lightning

All of the common hero wyrmlings have bonding with other wyrmlings. Everytime you reveal an order marker on one of these wyrmlings, you’ll get to activate two wyrmlings.

Already available for pre-order at
House Mouse Games

Heroscape D2 Wave 12 Heroes of Khorvaire sneak peak

Heroes of Khorvaire

The mighty fire giant Shurrak (Utgar) cleaves his foes in two with his gigantic iron blade. Mika Connour (Vydar) is a deadly fighter who hides in the dark of night, surprising foes from the shadows. The Warforged Wizard known simply as Heirloom (Vydar) is a master of magic, striking down foes with mystical orbs of force. Rhogar Dragonspine (Aquilla) is a dragonborn paladin who heals wounds with the touch of his hands. Elementals follow the powerful hobgoblin elementalist, Kurrok (Utgar). Also included are two shadow tiles and a Glyph.

Already available for pre-order at House Mouse Games

Fat Dragon Games McDooms Released

$4.99, has Red and Blue color schemes.

What’s not to love about it ?

The ground and roof can be printed with 1″, 1.5″, Hex or No Grid.

If you hurry now you can catch it on sale of $3.99

Not Quite Heroclix: Freddy vs. Jason & Gremlins coming soon

In February, Wizkids started packaging non-random assortments of figure for mass market consumption. There are rumored to be 22 assortments in the pipe line, 6 of which are currently available, ToysRUs for instance.

On top of that, they are repacking some of the licensed HorrorClix lines as NonClix simple board games. They’re banking on people just loving the intelectual property and impulse buying them. Heck, I’ll be buying them for Heroscape conversions, but to each his own I guess.