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Mantic Games Kings Of War 2nd Edition Changes Cheat Sheet

With the Kings of War Fantasy Battles Game 2nd Edtion Kickstarter wrapping up this weekend a playtesting Cheat Sheet of some the game changes has popped up on the web.

KoW 2nd Edition CHanges Quicksheet

The changes are all pretty positive.

Line of sight is clarified, Zap Users get a buff, debuff powers added to their arsenal, Elite and Vicious reroll all 1’s not just a single die, etc..

Calvary and Warmachines generally accepted as being just a little to good get some minor nerfage.

War Engines need to pointed the right way before firing and their new damage is in the mdeian range of their old damage. While artiliery’s maximum damage is lower, it’s mininum damage it twice what it used to be,

Calvary’s Crushing Strength rating will mostly be replaced with the new Thunderous Charge ability, which essentially functions like Crushing Strength but is lost when Disrupted or Disorderd.