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Batman Music Video Collection

From Dararoa, “Bat Romance”

I could watch the Harleyquin portion of that video on a loop

From MockStars we have “My Name is Bruce Wayne”

I don’t care what the title of the video of it is, that they name for it. Most disturbing Bruce Wayne Ever.

From TheWarpZOne, “Batman Rap”

“I’m Batman !@!” Explicit lyrics, just in case your sensitive to that kind of thing.

The KeyOfAwesom brings us “The Dark Knight is Confused”

It’s a music video, with one actor playing all the parts, and it’s a pretty witty deconstruction of the plot holes in The Dark Knight

From the ScreenTeamShow, Batman Medley

Another ScreenTeamShow video, this time it’s “Avengers Assemble”

A Haiku for You Know Who

A bulge in my pants.

Your name is all over it,

and you know it too.


A dirty little girl,

You think this poem is about you,

but it can not be.


You are just a girl

who likes that I look at you

and thinks “I’d do her”



Shaved head is sexy.

Looking and smiling at me,

with come fuck me eyes.

I think I look good with hair, but I always seem to attract alot of positive attention every time I shave my head. I wasn’t at work an hour today before  I caught at least one man and one women checking me out and giving me that dirty little “you look good enough to eat”  wink and smile.


Knight’s tale inspired Haiku

How would you beat him ?

With a stick, while he’s sleeping.

He’s unstoppable.

n0 h41kU 4 u

No Haiku for you.

I said no Haiku for you.

No Haiku for you.

Hit and Run Haiku

Backed into a corner.

There’s no time to hesitate.

Its fight or flight now!!


Up against the wall,

lips locked in a sudden kiss,

hands under her skirt.


She knows seduction.

Don’t underestimate her.

Just fuck her and run!


It’s a simple plan.

Simple as a plan can be.

Just don’t screw it up.


After it’s over,

she’s the one to up and run.

Sit there, dumbfounded.


Wonder about it,

but surely never ask her

what it was about.


I like my women like I like my coffee

I like my women like I like my coffee

a poem by Your Lord And Master


I like my women like I like my coffee, light and sweet.

I like my women like I like my coffee, a hot and tasty treat.

I like my women like I like my coffee, bold and strong.

I like my women like I like my coffee, all night long.