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Game of Thrones Addiction Fix – Epic Birthday Rap Battle

Winter is coming…but Game of Thrones is still months away. Soothe your Game of Thrones withdrawles with this catchy Game of Thrones Epic Birthday Rap Battle.

Fair Warning: It’s not work safe and definitely not child safe, but absolutely hilarious


If that made you smile there is related video “Game of Thrones” We are the North (Hodor Remix). It fetures an extended version of the Stark Family being merry with a chorus by Hodor


I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve watched these videos and they always seem to manage to put a smile on my face.

Master your understanding of Time in 10 minutes

It’s a fun animated video, but it will expand your understanding of how we percieve time.

No Ordinary Family – Super Heroes on ABC TV

Michael Chiklis (The Shield, The Commish) and Julie Benz (Dexter, Buffy) get married have a couple of kids and then develop super powers.  Think Chuck and Heroes mashed together into a family friendly show about supers with a simple to follow plot line.

To be honest, I’d watch any series with both Chiklis and Benz as the lead charecters, and I watch damn near anything about super heroes, so this is a big WIN for me  and my television viewing habits.

No Odinary Heroes is already filming the pilot.

“It’s basically your typical family drama with the one atypical addition that the people in the family have superpowers. Greg Berlanti and Jon Feldman created the show and they did a really amazing job with the characters and the script. They’re both very active in the production of the pilot, but they also have other things on their plate — for example, this is only one of two pilots that Jon is producing this year — so the studio asked me to come in and help out where I can. Because the concept is so strong and Greg and Jon are such great guys, it was a no-brainer for me. We’ve cast Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Romany Malco and a whole bunch of really talented actors. David Semel, who directed the pilot for “Heroes,” among many other things, is our director and he’s doing an incredible job.”

You can read the full interview here.

Do You Want To Date My Avatar – Felica Day SEXY Guild

Underneath that quite and beautifull exterior lies a sex goddess just waiting to pounce !!

If I wasn’t already married, I think I would move to L.A., infiltrate the guild, and seduce Felicia Day.

Between Penny, Codex, and the Fairie I’m developing a serious crush on Felicia. Now all we need to do is pay someone to make an underground sex video with a hot and naked Felica Day and Nerd Based Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will skyrocket.

All you need to do is meet the right kinda Ghoul

     I’ve been hanging out on the OneMonk Fourms and I’ve definitely caught the Paper Minis bug. I already have a huge collection of metal and plastic minis, from more manufactureres than I can count, but I really like the concept of printing minis on demand and having attractive units of finished models with very little turn around time, so I decided to build a new army.

     When the Vampire Counts army came out for Warhammer Fantasy I was instantly drawn to them. I really loved the old undead army rules from previous editions, when mummies and vampires were all together, and lost interest in it when they sperated them into Khemri and the Vampire Bloodline Dominated army lists. My beloved Necromancers are still playing second fiddle to Vampires, but with the bloodlines just fluff now,  the beautifull new plastic model support, and competitive army list I was bespelled all over again.

     My love for the undead would remain unrequieted. I was on the rebound from an intense relationship with the Ogre Kingdoms. The Ogres were big and powerfull, and brutally sexy, at first. In the span of a month I had surrounded myself with enough Ogres for 3 armies. I got in too deep, too fast.

     I have kids these days. Assembling and painting an army is like maintaining a clingy mistress. Having to wait untill the wife and kids were in bed. Hiding the expenses from my wife. It just wasn’t worth the reward. For all the Ogres glorious brutatlity they were fatally weak against magic, and all my openents knew it. When my wife started to suspect me of foul play, I knew I would have to stop deluding myself. Orgre Kingdoms with all thier beauty, just weren’t for me…

     Some men get lost in drink, I burried myself in an even more dangerous addiction, onile gaming. Me and City of Heroes have had a thing going ever since her sexy self showed up about 5 years ago, and she’s stil my ever willing booty call. I was weak, and after a brief pause to update her files, she proved to be a willing server. She’d spruced herself up a bit since I’d last seen her and we were hot and heavy for about 3 months, untill I noticed my buddies weren’t around as much. I ran into one of them by chance and I found why.

     As good as COH had been to all of us, they had been seduced by another, and all they could say as WOW. WOW she looks hot. WOW she is soo easy to please. WOW she wants you to join us and party with her together. WOW she is really into having a group thing with you. The way they were talking her up I was sure she would leaving saying WOW as well. WOW, she put out on the first date, and every other date after that. 

    McDonalds serves more people than any other resturaunt in the world. It’s not actually better, or even good for your, just really cehap and easy. After 4 months I was begning to just go through the motions. When you have to fake enthusiam for a relationship yoou should move on.

    My booty call was just as willing as ever. Another 3 months of bliss and then I just found myself not answering her call. I let my subscription to services just run out and quietly walked away…

    The call of the undead had been tickling in my mind. A Twilight, True Blood, Blood Ties, 17 Anita Blake novels, topped of with 9 Sookie Stackhouse novels, and then every zombie movie Fear Net and a DVD collection could  provide I needed to do something hands on. By chance I heard someone mention All Things Zombie: Better Dead than Zed and I was instantly hooked. Sure it’s not making nookie with a hot undead chick, but smashing shambling dead with blunt objects has an appeal as well.

ATZ leads to collecting more miniatures and terrain…

Lousy economy means watching what I spend…

Being frugal leads to building my own terrain and converting figures…

Leads to using cardstock terrain…

Leads to Cardstock miniatures and the OneMonk forums…

Having a laser printer, some 110lb cardstock, and the right PDFs leads to the possibility of and UNDEAD ARMY OF UNHEARD OF PROPORTIONS!!!!


Too much caffiene

I haven’t felt this caffienated since I spent all day going from cofee shop to coffee shop with Josh, a few years ago.

I feel like I need to piss contantly, I could break out into s superspeed sprint at any moment, anything with a vagina is looking pretty tempting at the moment, and if I were to walk into a room playing the techno theme from Blade I would start pounding on people like they were vampires who ate my baby.

Side note: Alex ate my cell phone. I have a new one, and my number is unchanged, but I lost all the phone numbers in the old one. Get off your ass an call me.

P.S. Having a vagina or the Blade Theme with you would be a HUGE PLUS!!!!


I just found out that The Middleman TV series was cancelled.

ABC Family finally had a good show and it only gets a 12 episode run.

Someone call SciFi channell quick and tell them to make one less crappy movie of the week and finance The Middleman season 2.

On a positive note, the entire series will be appearing on DVD in July along with a comic book “season finale” being released at the same time.

Lots of juicy Middlegossip on the MiddleBlog