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Batman Music Video Collection

From Dararoa, “Bat Romance”

I could watch the Harleyquin portion of that video on a loop

From MockStars we have “My Name is Bruce Wayne”

I don’t care what the title of the video of it is, that they name for it. Most disturbing Bruce Wayne Ever.

From TheWarpZOne, “Batman Rap”

“I’m Batman !@!” Explicit lyrics, just in case your sensitive to that kind of thing.

The KeyOfAwesom brings us “The Dark Knight is Confused”

It’s a music video, with one actor playing all the parts, and it’s a pretty witty deconstruction of the plot holes in The Dark Knight

From the ScreenTeamShow, Batman Medley

Another ScreenTeamShow video, this time it’s “Avengers Assemble”

Robopocalypse – Free Robot Paper Models

Look out for these rampaging Robots !!


Bring on the Drones

Started toying with designing paper miniatures again…

THESE ARE NOT THE FINAL SKINS, just something familiar for me to work with while test building.

The first Protoype test build is an armed, hovering, security drone, equiped with twin weapons systems.

Second photo shows second generation prototype. Possibly a command unit, with potential enclosed weapon systems and capable of generating an eneryfield around itself for offensive and defensive purposes.

This photo shows a service Drone with mechanical arm, and redesigned chasis. Also a Messenger, or spy, Drone with no attachments skulking around as well.

I’m trying to keep the designs modular, so the finished models can be mixed an matched for more variety.

I had asked for suggestions on the Cardboard Warrriors forum, and legs were tossed around as an idea. No finished model for that yet, but I mocked up some just to see if the concept was sound.

walker Drone Concept

City Of Heroes Super Hero Commissioned Art Part 2

Fresh of the press !!

A black and white Centinull by killacaravagio

City Of Heroes,Super Hero,Centinull

and a Sexy Pinup Style Solarita, drawn by DrawLikeCrazy

City of Heroes,Super Hero,Solarita