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Eldar Runeweaver Host – Start Collecting Box Formation

Dropping this week at a GW store near you is the New Eldar Start Collecting box


For $85US you’ll get a Farseer Skyrunner, a Fire Prism, and 3 Windriders. It’s definitely more competitive than the old Eldar Battleforce, and a good buy if you want to buy mulitples

The Special Formation for this Start Collecting box it the Eldar Runeweaver Host.

 Eldar Runeweaver Host

  • 1 Farseer
  • 1 unit of Windriders
  • 1 Fire Prism

Restrictions: The Farseer must be upgraded to a Farseer Skyrunner

Special Rules: Weaver of Runes: The Fire Prism’s weapons all have the Twin-Linked special rule when targeting an enemy unit that the Runeweaver Host’s Farseer has a line of sight to.


Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Necron Mephrit Dynasty Tactics – The Souza Maneuver

Meprit Dynasty Cohort Formation
Use the Mephrit Dynasty Cohort FOC to field the contents of the Mephrit Dynasty Recursion Decurion, and  apply the benefits of both the models that make up the Mephrit Dynasty Recursion Decurion.

Datasheet Mephrit Dynasty Resurgance Decursion

Fielding units of warriors, 20 strong, with Ghost Arks, flanking the Monolith in the middle of them, inside the bubble of a void shield generator, and laugh maniacally at your opponent.

“Yeah, to wipe out that unit of warriors you have to go through 3 layers of AV 12, then wound them, and get through the 4+ saves, before I get to bring them back on a 4+, re-rolling ones, and automatically repair 1d3+1d6 of them a turn. No, I am not kidding.”