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Print your own Paper Cardstock Warhammer 40K Armored Munitorum Containers Terrain

This is what I’ve been up to the last few days.

Containers (4)

Started by printing out this image.
Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Blue

Cut it out, then glued it to a cereal box.
Containers (1)

I notched where the folds were, then flipped it over. Next, I took a ruler and pen and scored the fold line on the back.
Containers (3)

Fold and glue.
Containers (2)

Alternate color schemes


Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Red

Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Green

Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4

Craft Time: Combination Dice Tower, Tray, Miniatures Stand, and Pencil Holder

Starting a new D&D Campaign, so I figured I’d whip myself up a new game aid.


It’s all Cardboard, Alluminum Foil, and a lot of Hot Glue




PostApocalOptimus Prime – WIP Scratch Built 40K Ork Vehicle

A boy, some cardboard, and a desire to make something Orks could use to get across the battlefield
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 19_zpstu2i0fht.jpg

Started with some thin card
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 1_zpsje2jun66.jpg

and more thin card
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 2_zps7osiqoim.jpg

Fold and glue that card into something shaped vaguely like Optimus Prime
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 3_zps9glodqlj.jpg

Forget the enclosed back section, as it would prevent the boyz from firing their guns wildly everywhere
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 4_zpsx15bm4ly.jpg

Driver section should probably be enclosed
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 5_zpslesmkpeb.jpg

Something along the lines of a Garbage Truck
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 6_zpspedghcgp.jpg

Too much open space up front
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 8_zpssd1hsxpu.jpg

Divider creates windowed sections
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 9_zpsxoecxj0g.jpg

Side doors would probably help as well
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 10_zpsky0wshkw.jpg

Some reinforcements along the back also add more texture
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 11_zpsajc6xbyu.jpg

Can’t decide which way the back section should be facing
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 12_zpsmdlplx8n.jpg

Back Section
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 13_zpsisdcmkwq.jpg

Front end gets grill and texture pieces
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 14_zpsjrf6uexc.jpg

Didn’t look right without headlights
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 15_zpsqkmhcfuf.jpg

or a bummper
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 16_zpseexhaqbt.jpg

Ladders, Guardrail, and more texture pieces added
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 17_zpswwotdvv7.jpg

Side View
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 18_zpsdbg739qq.jpg

45degree view
 photo Postapocaloptimus Prime  WIP 19_zpstu2i0fht.jpg

Now, I need to Roll Out and find me some wheels…

Quickie Terrain – Radar Dish WIP

Saw these bits in my bitz box and within minutes later I had a new piece of terrain

Took step by step photos

Buildable Warhammer 40K Aegis Defense Line Prototype

This is the most basic version of the defense line. Printed on card stock and mounted to foam core. Perfect for filling that fortifications slot on a shoe string budget.

It stacks easily, is the simplest to assemble, and works pretty well.

There is an additional version with support struts, to make it more stable.

I’ve also worked out additional layers of detail to be glued to thin card to make it more 3 dimentional.

I’ll have pics of the other versions and a Printable PDF so you can make your own soon.

Warhammer 40K Vintage Terrain Collection

Raided my basement with a camera and this is some of what I found.








Warhammer 40K Scratch Built Skyshield Landing Pad part 1

Scratch Building a Skyshield Landing Pad for 40K