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Over on the CardBoarWarriors Forums Paladin and myself collaborated on some WWII Era Zombie Paper Miniatures.

I did the illustration work and Paladin did a fantastic job on coloring them and bringing them to unlife.

Click on the Image Below to get them for your collection.
Paper Minaitures,Zombies,Zombie,WWII,one MOnk,paper models,30mm

They will also be showing their hideous faces in the May 2011 Free Figure Horde.

They were made with the TwoHourWargames All Things Horror and All Things Zombie in mind, but they’ll work great for any 28-30mm Miniatures Games. If you scale them down 50% they also make an excellent 15mm Undead Menace.

ATZ – All Things Zombie’s I Zombie due out next week

Ed over at 2Hour Wargames has announced that work on the final installment of the ATZ Trilogy, I Zombie, is close to finished and will be released next week.

Look for it to include rules for:
Ragers (28 Days Later)
Smart Zombies (Stephen Kings The Cell ?)
New Vehicle Rules (Now with less vanilla)
Optional Reaction Testing
Using horses (You can lead a horse to Zombies..)
<Hunting (Rural survival got a boost)
Safe Houses
Bicycles (I’m guessing they don’t attact Zombies)
Havasu Post Apocalypse town to play in
Pit Fighting (Thunderdome Action ?)
Zombie Racing (Dead Heat tie in)
Zombie Wrangling (Mentioned in Dead Heat, but didn’t have rules to support it)
Psy ( Please, please, please let me make Zombie Heads ‘splode with my mind)

FREE Printable modern terrain from Imperious Wargaming has a beautiful collection of FREE pritnable 28-30mm gaming terrain, perfect for All Things Zombie, Warhammer 40K, Marvel Heroscape, or any other modern, near future, or post apocalyptic gaming.

Shanty Town

On top of having an entire shanty town, there are tons of small bits like:

Go check them out and then print and build some paper gaming goodness.


Ed over at 2HrWargames is giving us a gift for Xmas!!

It’s the night before Christmas, and all hell is breaking loose at the North Pole. The evil Jack Frost and his minions have mounted an attack on Santa’s Workshop. Their goal is to take the “Big Guy” out, put a stop to Christmas, and keep the world in never-ending winter. But it’s easier said than done as Santa and Mrs. Claus have mobilized the Elves, and they’re ready to go toe to toe with old Jack. So let’s get it started!

SANTA CLAUS WARS !!! A FREE Chain Reaction 3.0 supplement based on the Wargames Depot Line of  SANTA CLAUS WARS line of figures. Chain Reaction is the FREE game engine that most of the 2HrWargames lineup is based on. Did I mention it was FREE, and totally friggin awesome ??

Don’t have Santa Claus Wars minaiatures you say ? Check back here often as I’ll be posting links to the OneMonk’s Santa Claus Wars Horde, available SOON !!

Hunters Hunted

If you follow this blog at all, you’ll know that I’m playing 2Hour Wargames’ All Things Horror and also invlolved with OneMonk’s paper Miniatures. I thought it only natural to combine the two. I’m desinging a set of paper figures that will be usuable with All Things Horror Mission in the back in the book. In the works are 8 Hunters, 3 wights, 1 lesser vampire, and maybe a few zombies.

Here’s a sneak peak at some early concept art

All Things Horror: Origins – A quick Review

I got my hands on ATH last night and couldn’t wait to read through it.


ATH:O uses the same Chain Reaction 3 core game mechanics that we’ve come to love in ATZ:BDTZ and NUTS 2.0. It’s a solid and enjoyable game engine, and ATZ and NUTS players will be able to play immediately.

The Layout is noticeabley better than ATZ. Rules were grouped together better and easier to find.

The monster stats are printed on the same page as their reaction tables. This was very conventient while playing. Zombies, Wights, and Lesser Vampires are unique and detailed.


No campaign rules. The book is broken down into 3 sections. The core rules, the monsters, and the mission. The mission section details your raid of a large cargo ship in an attempt to recover a valuable painting, while trying to figure out what happened to the team they sent in before you.

It’s a good mission. It’s very well detailed, and fun to play, but it’s not a campaign. At the end of the mission it details the mission rewards, which include Fame and Fortune points. Unfortunately there is no mention of what fame or forutune points do for you.

It’s a really detailed introductory mission, but it doesn’t give you any guidance what to do with you charecters beyond that mission. On the plus side however, the system used for determining what’s on ship can easily be adapted to exploring other large scale buildings, like say a sky scraper or abandoned factory/hospital. It’s not hard to do it for yourself, but I feel that is something that should have at least been mentioned in the core rule book.

I’m guessing campaign rules will follow in book 2


The last 20 pages of the book are printable map tiles. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were attractive, or at least looked like the interior of the ship your suppossed to be exploring, but they aren’t. The tiles are basically 1″ graph paper with greyed out sections, presumabley crates, rectangles for doors, and the occasional odd arrow. They are functional, but so is drawing the rooms on scrap paper.

*I’ve since writing the review had the chance to talked to Ed about it, and he describes them as multifunctional, since they can be used in any setting since they aren’t specific.  In any case, I’ve agreed to design some more attractive tiles, and Ed has agreed to host them on the TWH stie. I’ll of course announce this blog when they go public.


It’s a good game and I’d reccomend it to anyone who enjoys the genre.

Even without campaign rules, the exporation of the ship is randomly determined and changes the experience each time you run though it.

Be sure to check back on my blog in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be working on attractive floor tiles, and paper minatures for Agents, Wights, and Lesser Vampires


 Earlier today, 2HourWargames has released it’s first book in it’s new Tabletop Horror line ALL THINGS HORROR: ORIGINS.

It walks you through charecter creation of a high payed, highly trained, monster killer, who works for a secret organization who deals with preternatural menaces.

$20 for Print & DPF combo, $15 for the PDF alone.

I’ve already ordered a copy, and I’ll share my thought on it further once I get it.




All Things Horror – Origins

It’d been almost twelve weeks since your own personal nightmare took place.
Looking back, even now, it’s hard to believe that it really happened. When most
people come face to face with a supernatural creature, they run. They also die.
Not you. For some reason you fought back. Fought back and killed it. Why you’re
not dead who can say. I guess you could consider that your interview.

Anyway, it was only a matter of days before they approached you in the hospital
about working for the Company. Smooth talking operators, with money to burn, you
fell for their pitch. Besides, did you really think you could go back to the
nine to five grind once you found at that nightmares are real?

Eight weeks of intensive training and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be. At
least that’s what Anton said as you packed for your first mission. You boarded
the chopper thinking of all the things in your life you hadn’t done and wishing
you had. What did Mark Twain say about regrets?

 Ed over at 2HourWargames has said that ALL THINGS HORROR is slated for release next week.

    It’s a complete stand alone game, with 2 books planned. The first being the core rules and detailing 3 monster types, while the second book will be more like a beasitary and detail many monster types in a fashion suitable for Modern, Weird War, and Lovecraftian fans.

     This way it can also be of use to ATZ and NUTS players .


Two Hour Wargames has given us a Halloween Treat !

DOG SOILDERS is a FREE supplement to CHAIN REACTION 3.0.  It’s based on the 2002 horror film of the same name. 

British Special Ops forces verses Werewolves.

This is released only a week after Ed mentioned the upcoming ALL THINGS HORROR. A supplement for both ATZ and NUTS fearturing supernatural forces, other than zombies.

My guess is this is a preview of what we can expect to come.

Werewolves lack ranged attacks, but have a basic move of 12″ , add 2d6 in melee, and fast move 2X on pass 1d6,  to make up for it.

DarkMook of OneMonk Miniatures is currently working on Werewolf paper miniatures, originally scheduled for Halloween release, but are now delayed.

WarGames Factory has multipart plastic Werewolves in the Libery and Union League pre-order section.

Go Steam Punk on them !!

Hot Chick, whose not Angelina Jolie naked in sex pics, holding THW books

     Ed over at Two Hour Wargames has decided to start the November sale a bit eary and is for a limited time offering the the complete Colonial Adventruers Library in a single package deal for $25. ($22 if you only want the PDFs).

     I think THW should start selling posters of Carol. or maybe Carol the Zombie Hunter minaitures.