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Tryannocyte – Tyranid Drop Pods are Back !!!

Leaked White Dwaf Images confirm the relase of a new Warhammer 40K Tryanid Drop Pod model to be relased in November 2014.

Tyrannocite Leaked image

At 75 points it’s a more expensive than a Space Marine Drop pod, but it’s not an immobile decoration after dropping, it is a monstrous creature capable of moving around the board.

It’s “Transport Spore” gives it a Trasnsport Capacity of 20 models or 1 Monstrous Creature.

Drifting Death prevents prevents it from running, charging, and making sweeping advances.

Tyrannocyte WS 2 BS 25 5 63 A3 Ld 6 Sv4+ Monstrous Creature 75pts

Special Rules: Deep Strike, Fearless, Instinctive Fire, Drifting Death, Trasport Spore