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Craft Time: Combination Dice Tower, Tray, Miniatures Stand, and Pencil Holder

Starting a new D&D Campaign, so I figured I’d whip myself up a new game aid.


It’s all Cardboard, Alluminum Foil, and a lot of Hot Glue





Vuggs Dar’Sect’s Guide to Technology: Hyper Education System – Star Wars D6 RPG WEG

Vuggs Dar’Sect is an old character of mine that has elevated to minor legendary status in my gaming group. A Verpine technician, rebel, and later Crime Lord, Vugg’s new the in’s an outs of every piece of tech he could get his hands on. Now Vugg’s is looking to take a page out of Galladinum Guide by, well writing a Guide to tech of his own.

This first entry is for a Hyper Education System.

A.I.M. Hyper Education System

It’s based loosley on the rules for the snyoptic teacher, from Galladium’s. It’s basically how I as a Game Master would allow it. to be used in my campaigns. The synoptic teacher was a contraversial item in Star Wars as it allowed characters to learn skills without the expenditure of character points. Worst that the rules were very brief, leaving costs, skills, and difficulty numbers competely at the Gm’s discretion. It was an interesting that needed more than two paragraphs to flesh out.

YLAM FREE BYO Warhammer 40K Aegis Defense Line Miniatures Gaming Terrain Plans

WIP Warhammer 40K Aeigis Defense Line Miniatures Terrain

Hey Guys,

I wanted to do a proper release of the defense walls with a more detailed version, a building tutorial, some painted pics, etc… but I always seem to get distracted. Not playing 40K, or having plans to in the near future, crushes some of my motivation, but I will do it, eventually

In the mean time, here is the original version, so you can experiment with it yourselves.


You can also check out my Painting and Modeling thread over on DakkaDakka


Everything that is wrong with Avengers, Batman, Spiderman, and Prometheus in 3 minutes or less

Found these, thought they were worth sharing

Zombicide 28mm Heroic Miniatures Game

It’s a new Board Game due out in September, Zombicide. Retail is $89 and it includes:
71 miniatures (28mm “Heroic” scale): 6 Survivors, 40 Walkers, 16 Runners, 8
Fatties and 1 Abomination

If you preorder it through Kickstarter, in the next 10 days, you can get the game and 2 promo figures for $75 shipped anywhere in the US.

For $100 You get The Game, 3 Exclusive to Kickstater extra survivors, 3
Exclusive to Kickstater extra Zombies, a signed lithograph, 6 custom Black dice
(Zombie,Molitov, and bullet holes), 6 custom Glow in the Dark dice
(Zombie,Molitov, and bullet holes), a Zombicide Tshirt, a pdf with an additional
tile and scenario that uses all the extra minaitures.

If the project continues to grow in support, like it’s trending to do, it will
hit it’s additional goals and include an additional 2 fatties, 6 runners, and 20
walkers (for a total of 108 figures)

The Dice, Miniatures, and tiles are all suitable for use in All Things Zombie,
which is what got me interested in the project.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Treat from Dark Mook

For one month only, Adam Steel, a.k.a. Dark Mook, has provided us with a great Halloween themed Freebie from his Survivial Horro Line of Models

A great werewolf and human hunter/survivor great for any modern horror RPG or tabletop Miniatures skirmish. The models are 30mm scale with full front and backside art. Adam Steel has a great art style.

If you’ve never encountered any of Adam’s Occult Terrors line this is a perfect opportunity to get your hands on some.

Thank you Adam, for supplying us with this tasty Halloween treat !!

FREE UNDEAD BLOODBOWL TEAM – Fantasy Football Paper Miniatures

This is an Undead Bloodbowl Team, in Paper Miniature Form, that I put together using Jim Hartman’s wonderful models as a base.

Undead Fantasy Football Team

They’ll eventually be available as part of the Cardbaord Warriors’ Monthly Forum Horde in PDF format, most likely with autocuter files as well, but you can get them for free right now in JPG Image Format !!