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MDRG Mutant And Death Ray Gun Junk Piles Free Printable Terrain

I’m trying to make all the terrain and miniatures for my Mutants And Death Ray Guns campaign paper and portable.

One of the scenarios calls for the characters to scavange though piles of Archeotech/Junk for workable artifacts.

I originally thought of flat tiles, but that was too boring so I took it a step farther and made junk piles that are stackable for easy storage.

Junk PIles

FREE Dave Graffam Miniatures Terrain Paper Model: Observatory


Enjoy this cool new FREE model from the minds of Thomas Weaver (AKA Tommygun) and Dave Graffam . Tommy’s geometry combined with Dave’s textures give you something fun and unique to add to your fantasy, medieval or steampunk games.

The Observatory is designed to work stand alone, or as an add-on to Dave’s upcoming Inventor’s House model, so if you’re planning to pick that one up, this is a great way to get started on it.

Blood Bowl Score Board

I needed a way to keep track of the score when using some of my gaming mats, so I whipped this little gem up,

The original idea was to just add the score plaques as needed and keep the rest to the side, but I found it’s more practical to leave them on and just remove them as needed. Which of course means I need to make zome Zeros.

With some paint it looks more like this

Heroscape D2 Wave 12 Golem and the Wyrmlings sneak peak

Heroscape D2 Wave 12 Golem and Wyrmlings

The Iron Golem’s (Vydar) metal armor turns aside weapons and claws as it advances relentlessly. His armor provides him +2 Defense dice against Special Attacks.

Dragon Wyrmlings are ferocious fighters that breathe a different Elemental Breath weapon based on what chromatic race they are:

Einar – Red – Fire
Jandar – White – Frost
Vydar – Black – Acid
Aquilla- Blue – Lightning

All of the common hero wyrmlings have bonding with other wyrmlings. Everytime you reveal an order marker on one of these wyrmlings, you’ll get to activate two wyrmlings.

Already available for pre-order at
House Mouse Games

Fat Dragon Games McDooms Released

$4.99, has Red and Blue color schemes.

What’s not to love about it ?

The ground and roof can be printed with 1″, 1.5″, Hex or No Grid.

If you hurry now you can catch it on sale of $3.99

Not Quite Heroclix: Freddy vs. Jason & Gremlins coming soon

In February, Wizkids started packaging non-random assortments of figure for mass market consumption. There are rumored to be 22 assortments in the pipe line, 6 of which are currently available, ToysRUs for instance.

On top of that, they are repacking some of the licensed HorrorClix lines as NonClix simple board games. They’re banking on people just loving the intelectual property and impulse buying them. Heck, I’ll be buying them for Heroscape conversions, but to each his own I guess.

Heroscape D&D D1 Fen Hyrda