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Budget Miniatures Part 1 Zombies

The Zombie Apocalypse feature unending waves of Zombies, which can be tough on you gaming budget, here are some alternatives:


Zombie Planet  

Zombie Planet

These figures were found in Vending machines all over in 2012. I bought mine on Amazon, but you can find them on Ebay, and in bulk from Vending Machine websites.

The old man on the bottom left is sitting down, and the cheerleader needs to be based to keep her standing up, but they are pretty characterful and come painted. I personally wouldn’t use them in bulk, but adding set of them adds variety, at less than a $1 a figure.


Quickie Terrain – Radar Dish WIP

Saw these bits in my bitz box and within minutes later I had a new piece of terrain

Took step by step photos

Buildable Warhammer 40K Aegis Defense Line Prototype

This is the most basic version of the defense line. Printed on card stock and mounted to foam core. Perfect for filling that fortifications slot on a shoe string budget.

It stacks easily, is the simplest to assemble, and works pretty well.

There is an additional version with support struts, to make it more stable.

I’ve also worked out additional layers of detail to be glued to thin card to make it more 3 dimentional.

I’ll have pics of the other versions and a Printable PDF so you can make your own soon.

Bobba Fett D&D Assassin, Now in Amazing Technicolor

David Wears, a.k.a. Kiladecus, was kind enough to spend some time coloring the great Bobba Fett.

I tweaked it a bit and ta da !!!


Bobba Fett D&D Assassin Paper Miniature

One of the players in my D&D campaign got the idea in his head to make name his Rogue “Bobba Fett“, so I made this paper miniature for him.


I absolutely stole the idea for the miniature from Jose Dominguez’s Brian Fett

MDRG Mutant And Death Ray Gun Junk Piles Free Printable Terrain

I’m trying to make all the terrain and miniatures for my Mutants And Death Ray Guns campaign paper and portable.

One of the scenarios calls for the characters to scavange though piles of Archeotech/Junk for workable artifacts.

I originally thought of flat tiles, but that was too boring so I took it a step farther and made junk piles that are stackable for easy storage.

Junk PIles

Serene Fist: Monks Vs. Bandits, Kungfu Goodness in 30mm Paper Miniature Format

Dave Okum, of Okum Arts has released the first set in his new Serene Fist Line:

Serene Fist: Monks Vs Bandits

It’s a 48 Model Set, 12 poses, 6 Monks and 6 Bandits, available in Orange, Red, Green, and Gray color schemes, for the amazingly low price of $2.50.

OkumArts currently produces other lines in addition to Serene Fist, Whiplash Trigger, a wild west setting, and Retro Space, a manga influenced Buck Rogersish line. All of the lines are available on RPGNOW

It’s been mentioned that a Ninja vs. Samurai set as one of the planned additions to the Serene Fist line.